To the Sunbathers, to Make Much of Time

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Tipster/photographer Jason Patinkin just sent the following photos Bwog’s way. “Well bwog, I hope you enjoyed the last week of sitting on the steps, because once again Columbia taketh our favorite midday hangout.  Indeed the construction of wooden posts and metal bleachers across the steps begins today (or maybe yesterday),” he writes.

It’s that time of year again when graduation preparation coincides with the most beautiful week of the year. Gather ye steptime while ye may/Old Time is still a-flying/And this same flower that smiles to-day/To-morrow will be dying.

More of Patinkin’s photos after the jump.


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  1. bwog  

    You used the word "indeed" in consecutive sentences which is awkward sounding. Plus you put a comma after one of them and not the other. Points off.

  2. this  

    is so annoying. I'm graduating and I don't like that the bleachers are in the way.

  3. tbf  

    to be fair, the first use was in a quote from the tipster.

  4. emilyw  

    oh hey columbia put up bleachers on low plaza three weeks before commencement, but TWO DAYS before kcst's show opens on low plaza. that's neat. awesome. you just do that.

  5. ELREY  

    aren't they doing this a week early?

    what a load of shit

    • auuugh  

      this is insane - kcst has that space reserved for thursday-saturday and now they're building risers over it

      thanks a lot, administration, you're a fucking disaster once again

  6. tbf  

    bwog has since slyly deleted the offending "indeed".

  7. OmniVore  

    How you can take bath in sun when is not wet?

  8. well

    besides tomorrow, it is supposed to rain for pretty much the next ten days straight.

    • anti-forecaster  

      eh, forecasts past about 3 days are never true.

      The weather folks just take whatever they have on day 3, and paste that for infinity. At least one day this weekend is going to be a super-nice, blue-sky day.

  9. ugh  

    i hate this crummy weather.

  10. Ernest Herrera  

    This is going to get in the way of Cinco de Mayo.

  11. wow

    this is def earlier than ever before.

    and to think i thought the fact they planted a shrubbery on furland lawn in between kcst performances last year was annoying. this school is idiotic sometimes.

  12. All I see  

    everywhere on campus, are advertisements for "Cane Toads". "Cane Toads".

  13. student  

    I hate Columbia.

  14. DHI  

    See this is why in the unlikely event that I ever make any money, I'm not going to give it directly to the administration, because they'll just use it to build bleachers across student space.

    Disclaimer: I have a small part in the KCST show that's getting majorly fucked by this unnecessarily early construction.

    Disclaimer: I like to be outside on the steps instead of walking around some ugly-ass bleachers.

  15. If you build it

    they will come.

  16. BOO  

    I'm a senior, and I want to enjoy my last few weeks of hanging out on the steps in the sunshine!

  17. protester  

    lets do a sit in on the lawn

  18. maybe

    the columbia admin is just so lazy that they have the construction automatically scheduled to start on a certain date each year, and forgot that everything(finals, graduation etc) has been moved back one week this year thanks to mlk day being a week later.

    that said this saddens me greatly, for i adore KCST, and i am sorry they have to suffer for that administrations idiocy.

  19. in the know  

    the bleachers for graduation are ALWAYS built in the last week of classes. You can make whatever argument you want about 3 weeks in advance being too long, but for the past 8 years construction has consistently taken place in the last week of classes.

  20. Columbia's admins...  

    can suck it. I mean REALLY, they close the lawns for 75% of the year, only open up the lawns so prospective students can see them, and believe that they'll be able to use the lawns all year...

    Only for them to leave, and to have the all the lawns close after two weeks, and/or littered with crappy, flimsy fences to discourage use.

    The Furnald Lawn isn't used for ANYTHING, and it's been fenced in for the last two weeks....what the hell Columbia? I pay $40k+ a year for this shit?

    Why the hell do we have grass, and pay to take care of this grass, if we can't use it?

    • well  

      you have to admit that they are aesthetically pleasing, and Columbia's image is extremely important to the administration

      • Forget aesthetics...  

        There are things like nature....sprinklers...buying new grass (which Columbia does every year ANYWAY) which keep grass looking "aesthetically pleasing.'

        I can understand if they want to keep them closed after rain, but otherwise its a BS excuse that Columbia deserves nice grass on its campus that can rarely, if ever, be freely used to its paying customers/students.

  21. UGH  

    Bwog quit your exaggerating, this is NOT the most beautiful week of the year last week was MUCH nicer. This week has been rainy and cold WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

  22. hey  

    let's build some bleachers, guys! What's that? Student groups have reserved the plaza for the weekend? Well, I'm sure these enormous metal structures won't get in their way.

  23. Typical  

    So typically Columbia: image > students

    Actually a lot of things > students

  24. Are you light blue?

    Dear (?),

    Congratulations! As you may already know, CCSC has been working on our I Am Light Blue campaign this semester in order to celebrate the fantastic things our students, faculty, and alumni are doing on campus and in the world outside Columbia. You have been nominated to be Light Blue by a member of the student body and we would like to feature you in our end of the year publication and video. Sunday, May 4th, the Council will host our final Light Blue event where we will give away free t-shirts and light blue food (ie cookies with blue frosting) and we would like to distribute a booklet where students can read about the interesting work other students are doing and the impact they are making. If you are interested in being a part of our project, we would love for you to answer the below questions and email them and a photo of yourself back to me. If you are interested in being a part of the video, please let me know. It will probably be filmed this Saturday betwen 1 and 3pm and only take 10-15 minutes of your time. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Congratulations again from all of the Council.

    All my best,

    Michelle Nicole Diamond
    Student Body President
    Columbia College, Class of 2008

  25. spec

    so now all that's missing is some spectator editorial demanding "the administration" reconsider graduation preparations in the future.

  26. this  

    doesn't seem like much of a tip. it's pretty obvious they're setting up bleachers. i didn't need someone to take pictures and put them on bwog to figure it out

  27. jason

    patinkin must be sleeping with one of the bwog editors.

  28. no, he's sleeping  

    with all of them.

  29. nah  

    he's sleeping with the personification of bwog

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