Vigil for Charles Tilly

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Charles Tilly, the eminent Joseph L. Buttenwieser Professor of Social Science, passed away this morning. An official University-wide announcement is still in the works, though some of his students and colleagues have organized a vigil tonight at 7 p.m. that will take place under his Fayerweather office’s (514) window.

You can read more about Tilly and some of his work here. Although, if you’ve taken any courses in social science, it’s likely you’re already well-acquainted with his ideas.

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  1. avid follower  

    What!?! What happened? This man was a god amongst sociology and social science.....such a loss

  2. cc '10  

    Tilly was such a badass! I always wanted to have a chat with the man

  3. cc 08'  

    Great loss to the department and the school.

  4. John  

    A great loss to the community. He brought a lot of wonderful people together here.

  5. CC11  

    A great loss to the academic world as a whole.

    Rest in peace, Professor Tilly. You will forever remain a titan in your field.

  6. Elna  

    This comes as such a blow. Rest in peace Professor Tilly - you will be missed.

  7. ...  

    He's been fighting cancer for so long now... I hope that he finally has peace and comfort.

  8. ...  

    R.I.P. Professor Tilly,
    Your theory of state formation changed my life.

  9. Justin

    A legend in academia. he will sorely be missed as a presence upon Columbia's intellectual landscape.

  10. Anonymous

    Prof Tilly was a gifted and talented scholar whose theories and research changed my life. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  11. a shame

    It's all about the WUNC.

  12. grades  

    so do the students in his class get grades?

  13. Jon Cioschi

    I scrolled down these comments expecting to find a moron like "grades" posting what he did. Way to be incredibly inappropriate.

    Professor Tilly was a remarkably strong man, who continued to write and teach despite struggling with some serious illness. His determination, strength, and passion for learning should inspire us all.

  14. Daniel Platek

    Professor Tilly was great! i would like to propagate his books in Polish academic field

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