CU Filmmakers Win Big

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Tipster Frances Jeffrey-Coker slyly informed Bwog about a film she directed that took home a Best Picture prize last night:

“The nationwide Campus Moviefest competition took place on campus 2 weeks ago, where groups of Columbia students had a week to make a 5-minute movie. The top 16 from Columbia were shown at the AMC theatre [last night] on 84th street, and awards and ipods were given to the best comedy, best drama, and best picture. The link to the video that won best picture, called The Face of Poverty, is here.

The credits at the end mention all the people involved, and I’m not sure what the names were of the best comedy and best drama but I’m sure that someone who sees the posting on bwog if you put it will know.

It will possibly go up against videos in a nationwide competition/viewing being held in the Hudson theatre downtown in Times Square, where the top 20 movies from around the US will be showcased.”

No need to be coy, Frances! We’re proud of you.

Bwog did manage to track down the winner of the Best Comedy prize: Bwog’s own Tony Gong. His ringing endorsement of his film: “Winners of Best Comedy were my friends Evan Omi and Nathan McAlone and I for our surprisingly unfunny movie “‘Boyfriend Material.'” Anyone know who won best drama?


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  1. yay frances  

    yay frances!

  2. bobdole  

    Wow, faces of poverty was the most hackneyed, state the obvious, YAY WE'RE POLITICALLY CORRECT, retarded movie i've ever seen. you guys should be ashamed for making that shit. i mean damn.

  3. the academy  

    Best Drama was The Moment by Five, I believe.

  4. mhjnm  

    faces of poverty is like fisher price's "my first realization that some people are poor". i love the way they aggressively debunk common misconceptions such as "not all people from the ghetto are gangsters". cool bongos too.

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