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As anyone who has stepped outside in the past hour might have noticed, there are swarms of over-studied, over-worked kids piling out of Butler and Lerner who are descending en masse on the Candyland BBQ.

Lines stretch around the quad, with students at the beginning of the line providing Bwog with estimated wait times ranging from “thirty minutes” to “too fucking long” to “a while.” Further documentation after the jump. (Bwog also apologizes for placing our thumb over the lens.)

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  1. studying abroad

    I want some candy... and warm weather... why is it winter here and I have two more months of school. Oh yeah, it's the southern hemisphere.

  2. trippy

    hey bwog, why no mention of albert hofmanns death?

  3. from jew to jew

    There are no kosher hamburgers or hotdogs! Apparently it was some miscommunication blah blah blah...we feel bad cause it wasn't Columbia's fault...blah blah blah...I DON'T CARE. WHERE ARE MY KOSHER BURGERS AND HOTS???

  4. foster  

    miller lite or foster ... those were the beer choices.

    i know it's free, but still ... i feel like i should complain.

  5. Good Point  

    yea man, where's the love for hofmann?

  6. Sad  

    No more watermelon!!! Why??

  7. Candyland  

    Where was all the candy??? I saw cupcakes and mini-chocolates strewn about?

  8. chica '09  

    way better than last year, when it was held in the pouring, freezing rain. i had fun today. :)

  9. disappointed  

    they could have done better than hershey's kisses/miniatures and incredibly small lollipops! and the size of those cupcakes?

  10. random  

    I'm a Jew, and I eat non-kosher food. Blasphemy!

  11. LAME!  

    They had no more food at 6:45, and definitely NO candy... :(

    and I saw people hoarding lots of candy, so not cool, when some got none.

  12. hey  

    was there dessert? ice cream, like previous years? i didnt see any!

  13. Angry Observer  

    Okay, this is really obnoxious. Columbia has an inappropriately small number of events for an "elite" university that is in a drive to attract alumni donations and to create an semblance of a sense of community. It is possible, now that they've successfully zoned out 4-5 of the near campus bars, leaving a majority of lazy students keeping close to home most nights. However, the university poorly executes with every opportunity that they provide themselves. First off, the lines today were absurd, with wait times exceeding 30 minutes for much of the event (as identified by fellow bwoggers). Secondly, 200 pounds of candy? I don't think so. I've lifted many a bags of candy in my day, and 200 pounds of it would have exceeded 20,000 candies (assuming the weight of a hershey kiss, the most prominently displayed sweet at the event). But you know what, I don't even care that there wasn't enough food. The fact is that once the lines shortened, and students that may have elected to go to late classes showed up, they were turned away. The event was advertised to run until 8 all over campus, and if the organizers were too incompetent to supply enough food for those that wanted it during this time period, the least that they could have done would have been to allow people to come in and sit on the grass and talk to their friends. The problem here is that no one at the event was willing or able to take responsibility for the situation. Instead, students received a response of "look, I'm just following orders." What makes America function so efficiently is that people take initiative. If something doesn't make sense, or if they feel that orders are incompatible with the circumstances, they adjust said orders or provide "customers" (in this sense) with the opportunity to speak with someone who can make a decision. Today, Columbia (because the incompetent, over-paid rent-a-cops that "patrol" campus do represent the face of the administration) failed in every respect and for that someone had to respond.

  14. early bird

    I don't think the problem is always that Columbia doesn't run events well (although the ID check-in was way too slow). I got there before 5 and there was tons of food, but not many people - meaning the people who come early take a lot more food than necessary because they can. I like to blame Columbia as much as the next person, but in this case it seems like you should blame your greedy peers as well.

    • angry observor  

      I think you misunderstand me. Even if the amount of food was an issue, the event should have been such that students were allowed to ENTER until 8. Not that they were finished cleaning up at 8. This was just silly.

  15. seriously?  

    the length of your above comment about a bbq suggests that you have more than enough time on your hands...how about you go ahead and use that time to "take initiative" yourself and organize a campus-wide event the 'right way'... eh?

  16. Honestly?  

    I agree with seriously. Get a life angry observor

  17. man  

    i missed this due to class followed by an (excellent!) lecture by prof. coatsworth and prof. wallerstein about latin america -- bwog...you have a lecture hopp-er but you should get someone to cover all the heyman events, most of them are pretty solid.

  18. Loves it!

    Digits getting in the way of Bwog's Digital? Gotta love the finger tip in front of the view finder in the first pic!

  19. en masse

    should be placed at the end of the sentence.

  20. Pigeon  

    I got there like at 7:15 and they told me I needed a wristband to get in and out, but that there weren't any wristbands. Then I wanted to go in, with the intention of not coming back, and was told I couldn't.

    Then I went to Ferris Booth and ate at a price, as opposed to freely, or as opposed to using one of my ~72 JJ meals left.

  21. Pigeon  

    Actually, there might've been wristbands, but they weren't being given out.

  22. kid  

    listen, I was turned away like an orphan, from this event. I really didn't want any food, I was full. Nor did I want beer. I just wanted to hang out with my friends and check out the scene. I agree with the outrageous kid with the overzealous post. THEY SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST LET PEOPLE IN!!

  23. the PALI  

    food was better anyhow!

  24. random  

    I hoarded a shit ton of candy and drinks in my bag. Not to mention the shit ton of burgers and hot dogs my friends and I stole for our party tonight.

  25. concur  

    I arrived at 7:30pm from class, and was told by one of the "cops" that they were "out of food." Wow. Way to go.

  26. There were  

    High PH levels in the candy...
    I ate Licorice, Snickers and Dots... twas a trip

  27. grr  

    why don't they have more veggie burgers or vegetarian options? i cant survive on candy and watermelon alone!!

  28. compared  

    After a relatively successful "Casino Night" at John Jay, Columbia Dining botched the BBQ. Many people I know enjoyed the casino atmosphere and the variety of food served Tuesday night, but I have yet to hear a positive comment about the BBQ.

    Was the staff too tired to pull this level of an event two nights in a row?

    Whatever the reason, they're 1-1 this week.

  29. are you kidding?  

    casino night was absolutely awful. the lines were ridiculous, there was no where to sit, and strawberries and shrimp were all over the floor.

    • compared  

      At least there was enough Casino Night food that some would even be on the floor...

      I'm not saying Casino Night was perfect -- note the phrase "relatively successful" -- but it hasn't elicited the outpouring of dissatisfaction that the BBQ has.

  30. well  

    when i was there at 6:30, they had about 500 hamburger buns and no hamburgers. Uhh.... oops?

  31. interlopers  

    I heard grad students elsewhere on campus talking about the "free food" on South Field that afternoon, so I would not be surprised if Dining Services had not anticipated having to feed a potentially sizeable chunk of the nearly 16,000+ graduates who study here as well.

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