1. fyi  

    Courseworks isn't quite going bye bye, it's the platform (Prometheus) that is kicking the bucket.


  2. ...  

    when the rest of the world is moving towards "open university" initiatives, columbia is worried about protecting syllabi as intellectual property...

    for fuck sake people, get with the fucking program. they're COURSE MATERIALS that often times don't differ much from those used at a gazillion other colleges. won't you please stop wasting endowment on these outmoded and utterly ridiculous ideas?

    • yep  

      What #3 said. Utterly ridiculous. Speaking of open initiatives, I found myself having to use MIT's Open Courseware materials to supplant the lectures from the *horrible* upper division math class I just completed here.

  3. timing?  

    The "courseworks" article provides no indication of when these changes are actually taking place... Does anyone know if this will be done by next semester?

  4. oy...  

    a. In terms of intellectual property, what that really means is that if professors want to use copyrighted materials on their courses, the option is basically a small piece to avoid any big sh*tstorms. Dr. Crews (from the Copyright Advisory Office) is handling the details.

    b. David Etherton (the guy behind this) is hoping to get this by Spring '09. It all depends on if they can get the funding...

    pls fire questions to me (shs2115)


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