QuickSpec: The Key Quote Edition

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Harlem affordable housing: “The sugar on a sour pie.”

On asthma: “Ninety percent of time is spent indoors.”

Director: What “nobody else had was my unique view about stuff.”

Columnist: “we’ve been doing so much, trying so much, and experiencing so much.”

Reporter: “It’s clear that the Obama-Wright controversy rests on race.”

Director, on the best aspects of her show: “Short.”

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  1. anonymous

    46% "affordable housing" in Manhattanville?

    Scary. I certainly wouldn't consider moving up there.

  2. Surprised  

    That this wasn't included:

    International student: "At the tender age of 19 I signed away, perhaps prostituted away, ten years of my life" to attend CU.

  3. bastards  

    of course you assholes don't link to the best sports column run all year.

  4. CHB

    yeah, but that assumes bwog even looks at the sports page. ever read bwog's sports reporting?

    really awesome column too. one of the best of the sports department in months.

  5. who  

    the fuck cares about sports?

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