CCSC Identifies the Lightest, Bluest Students

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Tonight at 10 PM in the Lerner Piano lounge is the last ever CCSC-sponsored I am Light Blue event. Like most I am Light Blue events, meta t-shirts and blue-hued frosted goods (by way of Kitchenette) will be plentiful. 

In an email to Bwog, a good-natured, V-Show appreciating President Diamond explained, “Also we will have like SNACKS and like T-shirts in sizes that fit no one! Hee hee hee [insert head bobbing back and forth here].”

The study break will also feature a video that highlights the work of students who were awarded “light blue nominations” on the basis of positively impacting campus and city life. The video stars Josh Lipsky, Hannah Weinstein, Reni Jablonsky (AKA Reni Laine), Gabby Apollon, Jessie Leiken, Alex Greer, Jason Kim, Allie Feldberg, Nahema Mehta, Calvin Sun, Neil Mehta and others.

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  1. hee hee  

    to reni laine:

    don't be ashamed of your real last name

  2. yo!  

    they taste like crap

  3. sushi  

    I got free sushi from George Krebs, not gonna complain.

  4. sad  

    there were only 2 boxes of t-shirts and they ran out fast :(

  5. true  

    tiny and stale, but luckily there was no line for t-shirts mostly a huge disorgnized mob, i got a shirt so no complaints

  6. Calvin Sun?  

    *snort* bahahaha

  7. gabby apollon  

    is love in human form. for real.

  8. michelle... classy

  9. Favorite  

    I wonder why the favorite comments section hasnt changed in a while.

    Pick something people!

  10. that  

    was a fucking madhouse. I demand a tee shirt

  11. hahahahaha  

    more like "ja-blow-my-dick"

  12. reniiiiiii

    did in fact ja-blow my dick.

  13. reni's music  

    blowz dickz

  14. Jesus  

    Was Reni's contribution to the campus changing that god damn foul last name?

  15. jablowsky?  

    and by blow i mean cocaine, not blowjobs. although, bitch sucks like a hoover.

    seriously. JABLONSKY. hhhahahahahahahhaha.

  16. No...  

    It was that she increased the campus's prestige OFF campus. You know, like what you could be doing instead of posting shit on the Bwog.

    She's an incredibly nice person who works extremely hard for both her classes and her music so go fuck yourselves, you God damn tricks. Fuck yourselves very hard.

  17. I ain't

    no blue-blood!

  18. yay

    jessie leiken is awesome!

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