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folkAll fans of alliteration will enjoy the Postcrypt Coffeehouse Folk Festival going on right now in Kent Lawn despite the fact that their tent is somewhat obfuscated by bleachers going up by Fair Alma.  In addition to the music, the festival is home to glorious, freshly-made popcorn and thirst-quenching beverage.

Acts for the rest of the day:

Ginia Sweeney

The Smocks

Desperation String Band

Tony Gong Featuring Michelle Peña

The Counterclockwise Revolution

Loomer CT.

The Kitchen Cabinet



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  1. bwog,

    "and as well as"...?

  2. Hemingway's Hangover  

    Tony Gong is a fucking hack. He'll probably pull an eye-muscle with all the winking he'll have to do since this is a folk festival and not a post-ironic hipster douche festival.


    does it get any more fantastic?

    i think not

  4. postcrypt  

    coffeehouse for life. this is the best day ever.

  5. uhhh  

    what are you talking about? i think wbar fits the category more accurately. postcrypt has never let me down.

  6. yeah  

    i dont know what emmanuel is talking about either. the grilled cheese sandwiches were the shit today

  7. wtf  

    so bwog gives coverage to these fucking white as fuck events - like Postcrypt, As you Like It, and the Varsity Show - but NO coverage on minority group's events (like Cinco de Mayo, which was on LOW and any, any of the Asian culture shows?) so apparent that bwog's board is a bunch of stupid white people... the blackest person you have on your page right now is oprah . and of course one of the senior wisdom guys who everbody is fucking hating on.

  8. emmanuel

    wait. there are/were grilled cheese sandwiches?

    alrighty. i take back everything i said. folk fest 4eva.

  9. whoa!

    Tony Gong's awesome. And so is Michelle. Tony Gong Featuring Michelle Pena Forever!!

  10. also  

    the smocks were very good.

  11. tom hayden  

    god. do you people have to complain about every fucking thing at this place?

  12. postcrypt  

    is the best ever. EVER.

  13. awesome!  


    how do i get more involved with postcrypt?!?

  14. today  

    was actually one of the few enjoyable days at postcrypt. people were sort of happy...weird.

  15. omg


    you are gorgeous

    please marry me

  16. ahh  

    i meant at columbia, not postcrypt.. haha.. i love postcrypt

  17. I heard  

    Tony Gong invented trees.

  18. enticed  

    did anyone notice the hot guy grilling the sandwiches? he was fine. seriously.

  19. early bird  

    how bout that John Krauss and Co.

    I thought they were decent

  20. hands down  

    kitchen cabinet and desperation string band were the best. add ginia sweeney and you have the cutest line up ever.

  21. ginia  

    does not add cute to anything. yuck yuck

  22. what the fuck  

    how were CAMPFIRE BEACON not on this bill? this is a travesty of justice and right

  23. still enticed  

    seriously though? no one thought the grilled cheese guy was cute? i'm the only one?

  24. Grilled cheese guy  

    I am more than just a piece of cheese...err meat, you know.

  25. stop the hate  

    ginia is the real deal, which we need more of on this campus.

  26. John Locke  

    is it true there's going to be some sort of midnight show at the tent where the folk fest was held? with, like, a big name musician (the name bouncing around is suzanne vega because she always does a benefit for postcrypt). i've heard three people say this so far at butler. if it's a joke, i'm going to be pissed.

    folk fest organizers, any truth to the rumor?

    • folk fest organizer  

      hey john locke, sorry, there's no truth to said rumor. the tent was taken down this afternoon, and suzanne vega's secret show was on friday in the crypt. look for her next spring though, code word is "tim robinson and friends."

  27. Bwog is racist  

    Tony Gong is basically white


    I wrote that big on purpose. Notice me!

    Postcrypt got covered today because they asked for coverage. Cinco de Mayo probably did not, because the ironicness of mariachis on College Walk would have got Bwog's attention in a banana-split second.

  29. does

    anyone else get the feeling that these pro-Tony Gong comments are just Tony Gong trying to get free publicity?

    Face it, Tony. Some people might not like you. Don't be a dick about it.

  30. brilliant  

    The 'Crypt Festival was ridiculously fun. BWOG did a great job covering, but for those who are interested, the full line-up for today was:

    John Krauss and Friends
    Chief Haney
    Eleven Malevolent Elephants
    Oren Brecher
    Gareth W. Schumacher & Kari Lee Wasob
    Ginia Sweeney
    The Smocks
    Desperation String Band
    Tony Gong featuring Michelle Peña
    The Counterclockwise Revolution
    Loomer CT
    The Kitchen Cabinet

    Next year, we'll be trying to mix a few Columbia acts in with our usual professional musicians every weekend. If you're interested in playing, email a track or two to Nellie Bowles at Or, if you're not recording anything yet, just find her (me) and I will assess your hipness (if hip is how well you play indigo girls covers).

  31. another fan  

    don't hate, i think tony gong is a great original musician.

  32. 9393939393  

    There is something infantile or childish about Tony's songs. Innocent songs. They're great.

  33. just walked by  

    I thought Eleven Malevolent Elephants was awesome. I've never seen them on campus before. Are they new?

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