Senior Wisdom: Cait Clancy

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Next up in our Senior Wisdom series: CQA bigshot and self-described card-carrying lesbian Cait Clancy.

Name, School:

Cait Clancy, SEAS  

Claim to fame:

Queer Awareness Month Head Honcho, CQA secretary  

Post-grad plans:

Very vague year off, then medical school. 

Preferred swim test stroke?

I’m in SEAS, punks.  I’ll build a bridge instead.   

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1.  If everyone at Columbia would stop talking about how busy they are, they might actually have some time on their hands.

2.  Coalition building isn’t coalition building if you don’t feel like you want to claw your eyes out.

3.  Cardiac output = Heart Rate x Stroke Volume.        

Justify your existence in 30 words or less.

There would be lots of empty inboxes if it weren’t for me.   

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia?

I kind of enjoyed all the Juicy Campus shenanigans.    

What Columbia memory best exemplifies your college experience?

Getting made fun of by my seminar prof for writing all my papers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Series.

Which prof do you think would be the best kisser?

Shiro Matsuoka, 75-year-old man (maybe older), Professor of the Science and Engineering of Body Fluids.

What percentage of seniors do you think are virgins?

I bet there are MAD secret virgins out there, so I’m going to go with 20%.   

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese?

I think I would lose my lesbian card if I said oral sex.  (Yeah, we have cards.)    

Days on Campus memory?

Sitting on the floor in some kid’s John Jay room listening to a group of freshman engage in a philosophical argument about lit hum.  They gave me a paper cup full of Bailey’s.   


A little less studying, a little more fun?  

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  1. ...  

    cait is a goddess

  2. Cait...  

    You're amazing! I'm a gay man willing to go straight wishing that you'd go straight for me :)

  3. Hmmm  

    Hot lesbian, doesn't seem socially awkward, and has a Bwog piece: is this the mystery girl who did the study abroad in South America a while ago?

  4. Her answer  

    1. If everyone at Columbia would stop talking about how busy they are, they might actually have some time on their hands.

    Completely true of everyone. Best senior wisdom ever.

  5. she looks  

    a little bit like keira knightley in that pic, no?

  6. omg  

    i LOVE cait clancy!

    thank god i'm in cqa and ghap.

    this girl is AWESOME

  7. omg  

    cait clancy is so GORGEOUS and really sweet, too.
    i absolutely love her!

  8. she's a

    really pretty lesbean! this was a great senior wisdom

  9. nice  

    Doon't know her, but she sounds smart / nice / cool.

  10. Cait

    you rock. BME4LIFE ;)

  11. this  

    girl seems awesome.

  12. MAD secret virgin

    What, me worry?

  13. cait fan club  

    amazing woman. great example of leadership of campus

  14. I'd like  

    to be Cait's friend.
    BUT: Where is Stephanie Davidson's senior wisdom?!

  15. lolz  

    Why are all the hot guys gay and all the hot girls lesbian?

  16. columbia

    Senior Wisdom: Matt Thier

  17. wow  

    She's cute. Wish she was straight or at least bi.

    Why are all cute SEAS girls lesbians???

  18. does anyone know  

    if she's single?

  19. +/-

    + a cute girl at seas
    - a lesbian

  20. pro  

    matt thier, christien tompkins, and, very pro nat gate for senior wisdoms

  21. Edd  

    " If everyone at Columbia would stop talking about how busy they are, they might actually have some time on their hands."

    Truer words were never spoken. This girl is very cool.

  22. former cc guy

    wait, is she really a lesbian, or is she just sayin' that to tease the hell out of guys like me?

  23. ...  

    first senior wisdom for someone who didn't come off as a complete tool!

    more seas people! and what about gs?

  24. Confession:

    I'm a dude, and a closet "Buffy" fan from way back. Overall, it was just so well-written and funny, and yet it somehow juggled that humor with believable drama. And the atmospherics of Sunnydale, as a setting, were simply enchanting.

    Yes, I also use "enchanting", but only anonymously.

    Kudos, Ms. Clancy, you've built a bridge, alright--to my heart.

  25. Shiro  

    Matsuoka is like 87, I think. and god, he rules.

  26. I'd just

    like to point out that Cait is a prime example of the kind of person about whom even Bwog commenters cannot lay down a shitstorm. The overwhelmingly positive responses on here about Cait, at least to me, are proof that there is at least SOME truth to the kinds of things that were said about some other people previously.

    • Anonymous  

      It's not fair. Everyone loves a pretty and smart lesbian. Men want you and women want to be you.

    • not really  

      I didn't feel compelled to post nice comments about everyone, but I actually think most of the senior wisdoms have seemed like cool/interesting people (and the ones I know definitely are). Y'all hate too easy.

  27. haha  

    there are so many really surprisingly stereotype-breaking lesbians at columbia. like--smart, funny, talented, not socially awkward. Just down to earth attractive girls who aren't interested in men.

    it's really great to see people being themselves. Lesbians at other schools take note *coughbarnardcough*

    • hahaha  

      um, since when were lesbians supposedly dumb, boring, untalented, and socially awkward? I've never heard that stereotype. But then again, you applaud Cait for breaking stereotypes but then go and fall for the age-worn Barnard one. I think this says a lot more about yourself than it does about Cait (no offense to her).

      Besides, there's this super cute and stylish lesbian couple at Barnard (actually I don't know if they're dating now) and I am totally jealous of their style.

    • Holy shit  

      A smart, ATTRACTIVE lesbian? What??

      *head implodes*

      you obviously haven't met many lesbians. Go back to your cave.

  28. cait  

    is an amazing person. incredibly smart and hardworking, yet humble and down to earth. also, it doesn't hurt that shes beauuuutiful. i loved this senior wisdom

  29. anonymous  

    why is everyone so focused on her appearance and the fact that she is a lesbian? i think there is a lot more to a person than that.

  30. Cait  

    when I'm around you my CO drops because my diastolic filling time approaches zero.

  31. OK......  

    Hate to be a party pooper, but why are so many of y'all so giddy?

    i'm kind of with #41.

  32. Hmmmm  

    I met this girl a few years back and couldn't help but wish she weren't a lesbian. Sweet, beautiful, and brilliant: fantastic combination.

  33. none  

    to #46: even if she were straight, that doesn't mean she would like you

  34. ROCK IT, CAIT  

    I'm so happy Bwog chose one of our awesome BMEs for Senior Wisdom!!

    BME4LIFE indeed

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