Baby You Can Drive My Car

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Bwog noticed a circle of six or so boys standing around a homemade car, which is currently parked on Low plaza. The car is the project of the Columbia Society of Automotive Engineers who will compete in a major race next week in Detroit against 140 other teams.

Members of the SAE stood proudly around their creation and bragged to Bwog that the car goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and can reach a speed of 120 mph. “Though you wouldn’t want to drive it that fast,” one SAEer warned. The car’s not street legal, but the team half-seriously speculated that maybe some fenders and a bumper or two would do the trick.

You can watch videos (thanks to a handy Helmet Cam) of the SAE taking it out for a test drive here and after the jump


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  1. The Atom...  

    wasn't built by college kids...

    and the Caparo T1 is cooler still.

  2. envirous cc-er  

    this is awesome!

    anybody know how to get involved with these guys next year? can non-engineers get in on this? i miss working on cars back home.

    also, bwog please keep us posted on the race results

  3. Austin Brauser  

    Send an email to me, Austin Brauser if you want to get involved: [email protected], engineers and non-engineers alike are perfectly welcome! Also check out our website,

  4. ...  

    This isn't the first day I've seen the car on the Plaza. Step your game up, Bwog!

  5. awesome  

    that is awesome.

  6. Specs

    Anyone know the basic specs on the car? Engine, transmission, weight, etc.

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