Primal Sigh of Relief at Midnight

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In about a week, when we can barely even see the unfinished papers and problem sets behind the stacks of Redbull and tissues, Bwog will invite you to participate in the traditional finals week Primal Scream

But this is not a time for that. This is a time to find great comfort in a class-free week. So tomorrow sleep in, cook brunch, read the morning paper. And tonight, at midnight, we invite you to pause from your evening of merriment or early studying and heave a Primal Sigh of Relief.

Sigh like you mean it! 


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  1. linus

    some of us have a regular schedule tomorrow. i have a major presentation in the afternoon followed by another class.

    i can't be the only one with classes tomorrow, eh?

  2. me too  

    Class tomorrow, paper due on Thursday ≠ sleep in

    = screwed!

  3. Saddam Hussein

    Hey, relax guy! You need a rest.

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