Ask and Ye Shall Receive… Senior Wisdom: Nat Gale

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It’s reading week, and we know you need something to tide you over between “re”-reading an entire semester’s worth of material. That’s why we’ve decided to run a very special additional senior wisdom with help from commenter favorite Nat Gale.

Name, School:  

Nathaniel (but call me ‘Nat’, please) Gale, SEAS 

Claim to fame:  

Not quite screwing up COÖP, WKCR, and Engineers Without Borders – Ghana. 

Post-grad plans:  

Hmm that’s a tough one.  I’ve been telling people that I’m about 70% likely to be in NYC, with a 30% chance of Portland, OR on my horizon.  Time will tell.  Summer will hopefully be packed with the likes of New England’s Rising Star (Hartford, CT), Minneapolis, Halifax, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Preferred swim test stroke?   

As a swimmer I like ‘em all.  I’d recommend the ‘helicopter stroke’ if you’re looking for some fun. It’s like half freestyle, half backstroke with you rotating through the water like a bullet twirling through a chamber.  Makes you dizzy as hell. 

What are three things you learned at Columbia? 

  1. The importance of being able to say ‘no.’
  2. Sometimes (but only sometimes), the monetary cost of something isn’t all that matters.
  3. Buy, rent, or steal a bike.  Explore. 

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. 

Late nights and early mornings make for a lot out of life.  Although it’s a tiring existence, every second is worth it. 

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia? 

I was pissed when Hugo Chavez had to cancel (or was he disinvited? scared of snipers? we’ll never know) on the World Leaders forum.  And I had a ticket, too… 

What Columbia memory best exemplifies your college experience? 

Getting cornrows for the entire week of finals fall semester freshman year because I thought it would be good luck, only to result in my academically worst semester. 

Which prof do you think would be the best kisser? 

Definitely Amber Miller in the Physics department.  With a first name like ‘Amber’ she’s gotta be great. 

What percentage of seniors do you think are virgins? 

0%.  After four years here, we’ve all been fucked by Columbia at least once. 

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese? 

In all honesty I think I could go without oral sex in lieu of pizza, cheese danishes, and pretty much all the food from Taqueria y Fonda.  Plus, oral sex is only a handful of positions.  There are hundreds that are more pleasurable.  See ‘Italian Chandelier.’ 

Days on Campus memory? 

Watching Anton Glamb and the Kingsmen perform for the first time in the Lerner Party Space.  Realizing how it was kinda lame that at a College University there is a room called the “Party Space.”  Not that Lerner Pub hasn’t been fun. 


Not too many.  Sex in the stacks?  I’m still holding out…

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  1. that's it  

    bwog, you'll have to stop asking the virginity question - no one can top that answer.

  2. stop  

    calling it taqueria y fonda. taqueria will do.

  3. awesome  

    that now the google searches on 'italian chandelier' will spike.

  4. "re"-reading  

    i love it, bwog. so true. i've got to "review" most everything that was assigned in order to write my papers.

  5. best  

    virginity answer. Hilarious

  6. wat a guy  

    nat is awesome. ill miss ya next year!

  7. oregonian  

    i vote for portland! oregon is awesome : )

  8. lion links  

    This site is pretty useful, guys

  9. yay

    portland! and saying no is so so important. except when it comes to portland.

  10. love nat  

    I wish I wasn't awkward and had talked to him in film this semester. He dressed up as Maverick when we watched Top Gun.. SO HOT.

  11. Wayyyy  

    better than that other girl. She was BOOOOORING.

  12. jon cioschi

    you got some secret admirers, galucci.

  13. Wahoo  

    for Minneapolis.

  14. columbia

    Bring us HENNING!!!!!

  15. i have had  

    the hugest crush on Nat Gale from the moment I met him. This senior wisdom just goes to show that my affections are not undeserved...

  16. Anonymous  


    have my babies?

  17. virgin alert!  

    In all honesty I think I could go without oral sex in lieu of pizza, cheese danishes, and pretty much all the food from Taqueria y Fonda. Plus, oral sex is only a handful of positions. There are hundreds that are more pleasurable. See 'Italian Chandelier.'

    oral sex is a position?! since when? spoken like a true virgin.....

  18. hurray for  

    new england's rising star!

  19. Friend of Nat  

    Nat is awesome. Janusz Kesek now please!! That man lost part of his finger for Columbia!!

  20. sgfsg  

    Nat, you are an awesome awesome guy! I'm so glad I know you!!

  21. w00t w00t

    Way to rep for the Hartbeat!
    -Connecticut Man

  22. i ground  

    all up on nat tonight. he's the shit... his lap is golden. coop 4eva... woot!

  23. water  


  24. i got  

    so much love for nat right now...

    also, i gotta pat myself on the back as the originator of the nat gale war cry on bwog -- the man did not disappoint (and honestly even if he had he would still be the coolest guy at this school)

    ...finally, because i'm definitely not the only person who did not know what the fuck he was talking about...

  25. i think  

    now hes going to get a million offers for sex in the stacks. and if he hasn't, i am going to find him to be the first.

  26. nat  

    = nice guy, cool guy

    i googled italian chandelier and all i got were chandeliers :(

  27. ?

    anyone else not know who this guy is, and think that his answers are worth a chuckle but aren't otherwise that much more fabulous than anyone else's? just wondering if all of the praise is cause people already think he's great...

  28. his name  

    would sound almost the same but would be so much cooler by moving the G to the beggining: Gnat Ale

  29. blue  

    i think he's great!

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