Senior Wisdom: Tyeisha Chavis

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As graduation nears, Senior Wisdom presses on. Today, we check in with CC senior and Delta Sigma Theta President Tyeisha Chavis

Name, School: Tyeisha H. Chavis, Columbia College 2008  

Claim to fame: If I served the Lord according to the calling He placed on my life, than I would have done a job well done.  

Post-grad plans: New York City Teaching Fellow 

Preferred swim test stroke? Front stroke  

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. God has a purpose for my life.  

What Columbia memory best exemplifies your college experience? The historic memory of the 1968 riots and most recent protests that have shaped my experience at Columbia, and contributed to the ways in which I acted to affect change.  

Days on Campus memory? The massive step show on college walk with a wide array of National Pan Hellenic Council Greek steppers.  

Regrets? I make a conscious decision not to live with any regrets. 

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  1. abridged?  

    What are three things she learned at Columbia??

  2. this is probably...  

    one of the blander senior wisdoms yet...

  3. meh

    maybe she only answered these questions?

  4. uhhhh  

    'affect' change or 'effect' change?

  5. Well,  

    I guess the Lord called upon her to be boring.

  6. same as #7  

    and just putting out there, Tyeisha is awesome, and I think some of these posters are conflating boring with absence of snark. It's totally not the same.

    • the whole point

      Of these interviews is to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor. Lots of people get by with simply existing, but they don't make a good read or story. She answered this like a required professor evaluation form.

  7. ummm i don't get it  

    wow. why is she special again?

  8. boo  


    Jesus would have answered this with a lil more spice!

  9. she's  

    the president of a Sorority. Which is pretty cool.

    She's also cool because she doesn't seem like an overachiever, simply someone who does her work and is content with that. (unlike most of the senior wisdoms so far). She may be one of the wisest people who's written so far.

  10. I didn't notice  

    this thing was abridged because i fell asleep 50% of the way through it.

  11. R.A.  

    she wasn't the best RA

  12. Regrets?  

    i think she'll regret this one.

  13. Not boring, short  

    There just wasn't any wisdom here. Seriously, the whole point of these is the "3 things you learned at Columbia". I'm not bored; I'm just wondering where the rest of it is. And if you're confused by the idiot above, "affect change" is wrong. The only way you can affect change is if you're trying to stop it!

  14. 44444444444444  

    Absolutely uninspiring.

    She's the first black person on Senior Wisdom, I think. Get some yellow and brown, please.

  15. whatever  

    if you're going to profile someone just because they're greek, profile someone good

  16. apparently  

    she is not out to impress bwog commenters. Her claim to fame may sound boring, but I understand it. People, think twice before declaring a non-flashy interview as unwise. There are loads of wisdom in her words and in her demeanor.

    It's awesome that someone this chill, put-together and grounded, has served in leadership in someway on campus.

    • still not wise  

      Good that you understand her claim to fame, because I had to read it twice to get past the glaring grammatical error (than) and then figure out why exactly her non-specific shout-out to her religion (which I share, by the way) qualified her in any way as an interesting person. I mean, I'm all for Christian humility, but she didn't answer the question!

      I'm sure she's a chill, put-together, grounded, and wonderful person in real life, but this is a terrible questionnaire. It does not evince the wisdom that is suggested by her background (student leader, NYC Teaching Fellow).

  17. this chick  

    may be great, but nothing she says here even hints at it

  18. i think  

    Tyeisha is a pretty cool gal on campus. :)

    Try to get to know her, she is really sweet.

  19. omg  

    I love Tyeisha! I'm so glad they asked her to do a senior wisdom! YAY TY!

  20. Hmm  

    I wonder if people like her also phrase their essays as such. "The Lord gave us a dark and stormy night."

    "And then (with the blessings of the Lord) I engaged in intercourse."

  21. god is dead  

    god is dead. gg.

  22. lame  

    lamest senior wisdom. Nothing terribly wise, nor interesting.

  23. also  

    My guess is if she was forced to answer everything, she would've picked cheese. Just a thought.

  24. oye

    sorry, it really is boring. she may be an awesome person, but her senior wisdom is boring, rote, and feels forced. if you're not gonna have fun with something like this, don't even bother doing it.

  25. sheesh  

    oh come on guys. when bwog was profiling Rhodes recipients people complained about wanting to see "normal people" and when bwog finally does a normal person, she's denounced as utterly boring. go back to profiling superstudents bwog!

  26. !!!  

    They only gave her 3/5 of the survey.

    Bwog is racist, but subtly so.

  27. pink-blue  

    most boring senior wisdom ever


  28. she is so  


    snore snore snore * makee triangle shape with hands. *

  29. If I wanted  

    to read a bible thumper's perspective I'd read Fox news.

    • anonymous

      If the memory that best exemplified her college experience is "The historic memory of the 1968 riots and most recent protests that have shaped my experience at Columbia", she probably doesn't share the Fox News perspective.

      Of course, her answers suggests that she is in the bottom 10% of Columbia's IQ distribution.. but that's another matter.

  30. guys...  

    tyeisha's not gonna read for real... she doesn't read the bwog....

  31. cheesehead  

    where is the cheese question?

  32. Anonymous

    ....and this is why bwog didnt choose a lot of minorities to answer senior wisdoms

  33. carpe diem  

    "The historic memory of the 1968 riots and most recent protests that have shaped my experience at Columbia, and contributed to the ways in which I acted to affect change."

    This is the lamest thing I've ever heard. But it's also how probably 60% of CU peeps think about these kinds of things. Yay, a riot - and of course I'm better for it. What?!

  34. Baptized in Poison

    True, the profile is truncated, and the answers given aren't hyper-entertaining. But it is nice to see someone profiled who doesn't shy away from their faith.

    What would be the point of having yet another secular-humanist type talking about feeling transcendent whenever power has truth spoken to it? That would also be super-boring. At least she breaks the Columbia mold in that respect.

  35. trkk  

    Oh yes, because white people are much more interesting than anything else will ever be! Bitch.

  36. weirdd  

    i'm in a seminar with her and she's WAY funnier than this in real life.

  37. Bad Bad Choice  

    I'm sorry but this is really a fucking bad choice for Senior Wisdom. The girl is a bitch, you have to know her and you will realize that...

  38. Nietzsche

    Didn't she hear? God is dead.


  39. yeah  

    ive interacted with her a coupl;e of times and she's kinda bitchy.

  40. Bad RA  

    She's my RA and she really sucks...

  41. smokey  

    i like her because her initials are THC

  42. She's  

    the worst RA ever

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