SwiftCurrent: Summer 2008

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Just a week after unveiling its Spring 2008 issue, the Current, with a brand new staff in tow, is out with a brand new issue to last Columbians the entirety of the summer.  Bwog had the pleasure of perusing this new release and has deemed it perfect for those moments of procrastination (or desperation) one might encounter during finals studying.

Debating Deportivo Diplomacy

Charming: Cemeteries?

A Human Rights Harbinger

Samantha Power, Chasing flames left and right

An unlikely couple

Holy Land Homosexuality



  1. big fan  

    jordan hirsch is just so good looking.

  2. bigger fan  

    Just listening to him makes me drip.

  3. insider tip  

    Word on the street is his services are available for a small nominal fee. Interested? Shoot an e-mail to his "agent" - [email protected]

    Cash and all major credit cards accepted. Starting next week, he will be accepting Flex.

  4. i was  

    always partial to david feith sad to see him go.

  5. ya...  

    i agree the older staff was better...

  6. the word  

    The Current > all CU publications

  7. jon cioschi

    bwog - please fix the damn link to my piece. i'm a self-aggrandizing bastard, to be sure.

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