Academic Awards Ceremony: You’re All Un-un-invited!

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Despite previous statements to the contrary, the Academic Affairs Committee has invited the entirety of Columbia College to tonight’s Academic Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will honor Lionel Trilling and Mark van Doren Award winners, Joseph Massad and Andrew Nathan, respectively. 

The reception starts tonight in Low at 6 PM with the ceremony to follow. We’re assuming the earlier proclamation of a “business-smart” dress code still applies.

For those of you stuck in Butler (or those who only have “casual-smart” or “business-mildly intelligent” wardrobes), check back for Bwog’s coverage of the event.

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  1. CML  

    Hahahahaha Joseph Massad.

  2. hey bwog  

    is that one carsharing website going to be up for this semester as well??

  3. The Punctuator

    Comma after "winners" and before "Joseph" not needed.

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