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We know you miss your daily dose of the Spec, and we’re here to help. Some more highlights from the “Columbia University” Google Alerts pile of the last week.

More Murdoch-owned news outlets report in on the Lohan coat scandal

Columbia physicist lays out the exorbitant cost of reducing CO2 emissions

San Diego State kids know how to party; nerdy Columbians provide statistical evidence

Sachs and Bhagwati bringin’ their usual game 

Ben Bernanke was here a couple days ago to accept an award

Chronicle of Higher Ed editorial proposes universities buy ailing publications, which the Bwog hinted at a week or so ago




  1. Wow

    The only thing more loathsome than Lindsay Lohan in that article is the real owner of the coat, Masha Markova.

    How many Columbia students have their own personal litigation team to call up a celebrity to get back an $11,000 mink coat left in a Meatpacking District club?

    Sounds like being the "victim" of this crime really paid off here: she's certainly getting her 15 minutes...

  2. and...

    the nerdy Columbians are fake Columbians!

    (I actually learned something when I first read this. Thanks (i think))

  3. I agree  

    It seems overwhelmingly obnoxious to have an $11,000 coat while an undergrad in college. Even more obnoxious: to parlay some retarded celebrity taking it into above-mentioned 15 minutes of fame.

  4. erg  

    more senior wisdoms please!!! need help procrastinating!!!

  5. wisdom  

    typical gs behavior

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