Columbia Baseball Wins Ivy Title

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It’s official, Bwog tipster Jarid Maged informs us: 

“about 2 minutes ago, columbia won the ivy league title in baseball. 7-5 over dartmouth in game 3 of the ivy league championship series in hanover. i am not making this up. tried snapping a shot of the pile after the game, but my stupid computer wouldn’t allow anything from windows media player. but damn. they won something huge in sports for once. now they move on to the ncaa tournament.”

Congratulations, boys.

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  1. the devil  

    so co-o-o-ld... and why do these pigs hover so?

  2. if i want

    to attend a varsity baseball game, where do I sit?

  3. hey bwog  

    sometimes i want to send you tips, but i'd want to remain anonymous...

    is that possible or do you always want to name your tipster?

    • Juli  

      Tipsters are always kept anonymous if they request that we do so.

      If tipsters don't request to be kept anonymous, we usually try to name them in the post to give them credit.

      Hope that encourages you to start tipping!

  4. anon  

    Winning the IVY League in baseball is huge in the same sense that winning the IVY League in basketball, you get a trip the the NCAA's but you're not really going anywhere.

  5. Well  

    Now if only we could have the same sort of success in football...

    Cheers to CU Baseball.

  6. meh  

    Great job! NCAA baseball is a lot different than basketball.
    Good luck in the post-season! Any idea as to which regional they will be going to?

  7. regional  

    ESPN predicted that the winner of the Ivy League would go to the Fullerton regional, but we won't know until May 23.

  8. any potential

    major leaguers (or at least guys who'll have a chance at getting drafted) on our roster?

    Congrats to the team.

  9. very very impressive  

    we are entering into a golden age of Columbia athletics... I'm not talking about dominating every single sport but, across the board, we will be one of the top sports schools in the Ivy League for the next decade or so

  10. EAL  

    Dude, Henry Purdy is a god. Coming off of second base to save the game on the mound? That's beyond clutch.

    Roar Lion, Roar!

  11. BoysofSummer  

    Unfortunately this won't increase the percentage of undergrads who actually know the school song. Stupid summer schedule. MAJOR props to CU baseball though. Best of luck in the NCAA. Kick some ass for us

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