Promenade116: Reductive Edition

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Bwog’s favorite publication, the
Spectator‘s poetry-and-photography spin-off, 116, is baaack! In case you haven’t had enough of the “not quickspec” tag today, here are some more links to click.

Look at these people, they are hip!

And look at the things they do with their fancy cameras!

Thing 1

Thing 2

Thing 3

Girls have feelings! Golf clap.

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

…and Spec EIC avows, “but I am no poet.”

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  1. wait..

    how is it that THIS is bwog's favorite publication?... of all the publications on campus? in the world? is this an official bwog position?

  2. Bwog is funny

    THis is glorious! And get with the pace, #1, Bwog's jerking yer chain

  3. ddd  

    Hmmm, I don't really get the "qualitay" logo... is it a spelling mistake?

  4. Explanation

    For those who are a bit thick:

    Bwog is being facetious because the whole thing is actually pretty dumb. The deliberately misspelled "Qualitay" label serves to reinforce this conclusion.

  5. hold on  

    is this a real publication? Are these poems/photos meant to be taken seriously? I understand that bwog is making fun, but is the whole thing a joke, or just funny because its kinda dumb?

  6. wait  

    so this ISN'T a parody?

  7. At least  

    Between frame 5 and 6 of "Thing 1", you see where Phil Hughes fractured his rib. His future self elbowed himself right there.

  8. John Jay  

    don't you guys me QUALITRAY?

  9. this  

    is simply embarrassing. wow. there is absolutely nothing in here of any value whatsoever. the spec should stick to its mediocre reporting so as not to offend the artistic sensibilities of columbians.

  10. jeez  

    i cant believe these people are serious. yikes, I feel like I'm in a bad period piece made about 2008 in 2134.

  11. well  

    the poetry is, all around, pretty horrid, but a lot of the photos are interesting.

  12. gosh  

    i think a lot of the photos are great and a few of the poems are really good too. i mean, it's college poetry, and they threw the magazine together in like a week...but compared to something like echoes, given two people did it in a few days its not half bad. in fact a lot of it is quite nice.

  13. pissed  

    why is there a marching band outside? wtf is with columbia kids and their constant need to make noise at 1am during finals?

  14. pissed  

    someone with a final in 7 hours who's not in the mood to hear Sousa's greatest hits

  15. oh no!  

    I forgot to scream!
    Then again, every semester the scream has occurred, finals have NOT gone well for me. It is a sign! no scream ---> success?

  16. annoyed  

    the marching band is fucking annoying. I don't understand why orgo night has to be a tradition. How about "the marching band shuts the fuck up night"

  17. i believe  

    primal scream isn't til sunday at midnight. and 14, CUMB does that every year in celebration of the orgo final

  18. Astor Nightshift

    Typical Things Overheard on Orgo Night:

    "Excuse me you are stepping on my laptop. I'm trying to write an essay! You're backspacing! Please! Why are you on my table? I've had this table for three weeks. It's my baby. DON'T YOU SCUFF IT, WHORE!"

    "Shit, now how am I going to find that book on the eleventh century?"


    "Wait... Isn't Orgo next Thursday?"



  20. this  

    is a disgrace and an insult to any competent poet or artist. If you're going to throw an online magazine like this together in two days, its probably better if you don't do it.

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