QuickCEAR: First Edition

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Join Bwog this morning in welcoming a new publication to the Quick process. The Columbia East Asia Review prints scholarly articles by undergrads on a myriad of East Asian topics. There’s something for every Columbia type!

The kid who watches the NBA playoffs while you try to study!

The human rights crusader meddling in foreign arenas!

The comp lit hipster who’s into translation theory and speaks fluent Norwegian and Chinese!

The history fiend who talks your ear off about bureaucracies of yore!

The Korea buff who uses the word “Korean” an average of 3 times per sentence!

The Japanese Christian?



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  1. looks interesting!  

    welcome to Columbia's publication diaspora CEAR!

  2. hmm  

    just read the start of the NBA article, and there are typos all over the place. kind of strange for a Columbia publication.

    I did enjoy the article, though.

  3. meddling kids  

    Indeed, that is one sexy board.

  4. Fellow publisher  

    I've got to hand it to these guys...this is an incredible job for the first year of a publication. I don't Word on the street is there will be hard copies available sometime next week, as well.

    Also, read more:

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