Run Wild, Butler Dogs!

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Bwog has been readying a list of procrastination tips, but an ambitious group of SEAS students has outdone every activity we Bwoggers suggested. James Williams reports that just outside of Butler stands–yes–a frisbee-throwing machine. And daily editor Justin Vlasits overheard a poetic passerby mutter “and my heart is like a frisbee flying onto the lawn.” Bwog is mystified by this utterance, but that might just be because Bwog’s heart and mind are like a squirrel’s wrinkled corpse, sucked dry by a masterful hawk. Thank you, reading week, for your joys (see photo at right) and terrors (see previous sentence).

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  1. do you kids ...  

    not have finals? jesus christ

    • mech-e  

      That was a final. That is one of the mechanical engineering final projects. Others included a robot that climbed stairs and another (i think) that climbed walls. there was also a group that retrofitted a bike and made it have completely mechanical regenerative breaking. u can then push a button and it then launches you forward.

  2. ...

    i only have one final. i won't begin studying for another day or two.

    i'm also a senior that had three monster seminar papers due two weeks ago plus a series of presentations so i really went through this stuff on a different schedule.

  3. is that  

    todd spitz? What a frisbee throwing machine making fire dancing hero!

  4. I should've  

    been a MechE. Though my E field is also pretty cool.

  5. Todd Spitz  

    for Senior Wisdom please...He's very cool...

  6. shit  

    political science sucks. i wish i were an engineer. all those arguments about who is smarter SEAS or CC students has been completely resolved - SEAS students are way smarter... and cooler.

  7. Anonymous  

    These kids got 3rd place in the design expo.

    Cool project. Completely useless, however.

  8. Frisbo  

    This is our project and it fuckin' rocks.It is not useless however. There are plenty of applications, such as making CC kids jealous and helping pick up chicks at the beach.
    We are smarter and cooler, bitches.


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