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Bwogger and hawk fan Anna Corke lost her Lerner mail key yesterday – which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the keychains attached to it weren’t of personal value.

One keychain is a surf board with the Brazilian flag on it (from Florianopolis, Brazil) and the other is a beaded Resplendent Quetzal (from San Andres, Guatemala).

Send any news of the keychains or key to [email protected]

And if you’ve lost or found something yourself, send us a tip!

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  1. ...  

    this shows how much the bwog has gone downhill

  2. a bit  

    indulgent, don't you think?

  3. Seriously, People  

    Chill out. A Bwogger lost something, and Bwog is helping them find it. It's one of the few useful things they've done this year (well, this is the only one I can think of at the moment, I'm giving benefit of the doubt.)

    Bwost & Found tag?

  4. Bwog  

    has really lost it...There is a lost and found desk in Lerner afterall...

  5. Public Safety  

    Actually Lerner Hall turns all their lost and found items into Public Safety. The main lost and found on campus is at Public Safety in 101 Low Library. If you're looking for something try there. The gym also maintains a lost and found but again, those items are usually turned over to Public Safety.

  6. retards  

    wtf is wrong with you people? does bwog posting an extra little story trying to help one of their staffers REALLY hurt you that much?

    I know it's finals but jesus h. christ, take a chill pill.

  7. please  

    don't waste everybody's time posting about a lost keychain.

  8. hey  

    a) you don't have to read the post

    b) you're probably on bwog to procrastinate, just like the rest of us, so stop complaining about time wasted

  9. BWOG  

    wish me good luck on my lit hum exam. seriously, i can't make it w/out you

    i want to see a dead greek person statue NOW!

  10. well  

    i saw a keychain with keys hanging off some random hook in the sgo today but i don't think it quite fit the description...

  11. Sorry, but

    it's my Brazilian flag surfboard keychain now. Finders keepers...

  12. dear bwog,  


  13. kevin garnett

    hawks got eliminiated, bwog.

  14. awcomeon  

    First off, everyone who's slamming this entry needs to get over himself. Second, Bwog, what you should really start is a Missed Connections section. I saw this kid in a Bathory shirt in Lerner once... I really regret not talking to him...

  15. I hope  

    the keychain gets found. then you should post a success story, just to spite the people who think it's the bwog that's wasting their time...

  16. I would  

    complain about this article but I am reading it right now, so that would make me a hypocrite. It is helping me not do this reading, and I value it for that reason.

    Bwog Missed Connections is a pretty sweet idea, though.

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