El QuickEspec: They’re just like us!

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Today, Bwog heads to Bogota to catch up with The Spectator’s latino cousin, El Espectador.  Que Guay! 

Colombia’s got Controversy too: La Homofobia

El Espec swims in journalistic riptide too:  The Challenges of Periodismo Moderno

They’re prudish too:   What percentage of Colombians are virgins?

Colombia remembers too: Los Recuerdos de 1968 

Mannhattanville in Colombia? Estudiantes like to protest too



  1. what  

    You know I don't speak Spanish!

  2. Hispanic  

    LOL, this is awesome. Thank God I am a Spanish major!

    Gracias, El Bwog!

  3. Hispanic  

    Although guay is used in Spain! "chevere" means cool in Colombian Spanish...

  4. i really  

    really like.

  5. me gusta!  

    Me gusta mucho!

    aye, los colores para "human verification test" no pueden ser en espanol para este "post". es un bummer.

  6. anonymous  

    bwog, you win. this is great, especially for colombian columbians like myself! yay!

  7. el espectador  

    The article on homophobia is quite interesting to seee how such an issue is approached in another country. The comments are even more so...!

  8. !!!  

    What mongrel tongue is this?!

  9. colombians  

    dont say guay!

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