Flex at Chipotle: Coming Soon-ish

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Citing the dining services webpage
, Tipster Peter Labuza, informs Bwog that Chipotle will be accepting flex at some point this summer. According dining services, students can reap the nutritive benefits of Chipotle’s burritos and at the same time exercise their creativity as they build their Mexican creations.  It is unclear when this initiative will begin and how long it will last.  But given off-campus flex’s turbulent history, Bwog recommends taking this news with a grain of salt.   If Chipotle follows the path of HamDel, there will be many disenchanted burrito enthusiasts and many empty stomachs.

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  1. EAL  

    Glorious news! I can't think of a better way to spend flex money while here with an internship.

  2. Pillow fight

    Is tomorrow at midnight not tonight

  3. umm  

    According to the facebook group, the pillow fight is *tomorrow* night.



    by midnight sunday i mean the midnight between sunday and monday

  5. really  

    "If Chipotle follows the path of HamDel, there will be many disenchanted burrito enthusiasts and many empty stomachs."

    Or, they'll just use cash? Don't think Flex is standing in the way of full stomachs.

    • Anonymous  

      It has. I don't go to Hamdel any more, usually being light on real money and full of Flex.

      • well  

        then you're not a real HamDel enthusiast. But "burrito enthusiasts" will surely go to Chipotle with or without Flex. What are they doing now, huddling in their dorm room, crying that Flex isn't available at this "Chipotle place?"

  6. FOS  

    The astonishing hypothesis is the assumption that connects our perceptions and behavior to the neural workings of our brain. The hypothesis asserts that everything we perceive, feel, and remember and every behavior we express, is the result of nothing more than a deep desire to eat chipotles.

  7. hungry  

    i love chipotle

  8. cc09  

    why oh why did chipotle raise their prices???

  9. c09

    meh. i will continue to bring my cash to taqueria.

  10. gross

    no true burrito enthusiast would ever take their flex to chipotle. taqueria for the win!

  11. Eh?  

    Why are there tags for both "Off Campus Flex" and "Off-campus Flex"?

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