Senior Wisdom: Kieron Cindric

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Senior wisdom continues with the illustrious Kieron Cindric.  You may know him as Associate Professor Bradbury from V114, but Bwog’s got your backstage pass.   

Name, School: Kieron Cindric, CC ’08

Claim to fame:

Varsity Show, Xmas: A Secular Spectacular, various other musical productions; being naked on stage and dressing as cupid for Halloween

Post-grad plans:  

Starvation.  That is, trying to earn money singing and dancing

Preferred swim test stroke? 

Flipping above the water! (I passed through taking Diving as a gym course)

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1.  Though I love campus, and being on campus, Columbia isn’t really in “New         York.”

2.    Hewitt’s food is just better.

3.    Bonobos are incredible creatures (thank you, Biodiversity!)

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. 

Eating things like chocolate and various pumpkin-flavored things makes me happy; so do pop songs with good beats.  Such simple things make me happy.  Is that good?  I don’t know…

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia? 

How about moment of controversy?  I liked Ahmadinejad comments on the state of homosexuality in Iran.  Maybe I’ll visit someday.  Then they’ll have that “phenomenon.”

What Columbia memory best exemplifies your college experience?

A group of friends and I get together each week to watch Grey’s, and we all make food (or most make food), and we eat, and talk.  One time, I think, we went from discussing how Meredith looked old to musing—very sincerely—on sexual orientation (non sequitur).  I think it’s that variability and the mix of very smart but (often) very real people here that has made Columbia a great experience.  I have made some great friends to whom I can relate on lots of levels—I’ll miss that and them (and the spontaneity of discussions)!

Which prof do you think would be the best kisser? 

Possibly my Black Paris prof, Brent Edwards.  He’s just super smooth. And cool.

What percentage of seniors do you think are virgins? 

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese?

Oral sex.  Cheese is just too damn good.

Days on Campus memory?

Thinking that if Columbia were anything like Days on Campus, it would be sad—thank God it was so different!


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  1. Cool guy  

    His flips and whirls in XMas 2 really made me jealous. It brought back the childhood desire to be a power ranger. You know. Because they flip and stuff. Not because they get to dress up in pink and shoot the bow and arrow, really the coolest weapon. That'd be gay. Right?


  2. random  

    I always see this guy with good looking girls. I need to befriend him!

  3. pugz!

    Funny dogs, funny man! His picture is the best out all Senior Wisdoms yet

  4. ---  

    "being naked on stage"

    really? completely naked?

  5. love him  

    just seeing kieron on campus makes me happy. It makes me sad that I've never actually met him.

  6. yo G-unit  

    that dog looks hungry,

    can a brother get some eat

  7. Kieron  

    is god. Disagreement?

  8. emilyw  

    Brent Edwards is so sexy. I totally agree.

  9. columbia  

    is in new york dawg


    he is great. i really love how sincerely wonderful he is. YOU STILL HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF TIME IF YOU DON'T KNOW HIM YET DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE.

  11. : )  

    gotta love his love for barnard's food

  12. Dan  

    you forgot to mention...

    best RA evar!

  13. cc09  

    he is the best thing about seeing v-show, hands down.

  14. Wow  

    Despite this guy's homosexuality, I'm surprised no one has posted a mean comment about him. It must mean he's a really nice guy! Also it must mean that Bwog commenters are lightening up a bit, which is good. Or maybe they're all studying or whatever.

    Either way, I don't really know this Kieron guy but from what I hear he's very nice, so I'm glad he was profiled for Senior Wisdom. Also, he's not lying about Hewitt food... I see him at Hewitt whenever I make the trip across Broadway too.

  15. I think  

    the person means that he's surprised that there aren't any gay-bashing comments in the replies, not that he's surprised a gay person could be a nice guy.

  16. bwog  

    there's a pillowfight going down tonight. i want a post.

  17. kjr  

    Definitely one of the most fun and friendly people on campus (honestly, have you ever seen him without a cheerful hello?). Excellent choice, Bwog.

  18. his sweaters  

    brighten up my day. everyday. seriously.
    i've never met a more upbeat and genuinely happy person.

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