QuickBW: Maturity Edition

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The final
Blue and White of the year is now on newsstands near you, and it’s a very exciting double issue. But because we know you don’t want to have to get up—thus forfeiting whatever prime Butler real estate you managed to snag—we’ve gone ahead and Quick’ed it for your enjoyment. 


Valuable advice, from graduates and almost-graduates 

Celebrities, as graduates and almost-graduates

(…and valuable advice from a celebrity who’s neither)

Finding yourself, online and abroad

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, except of course, when you should

Learning to accept and appreciate flaws

Silence is golden, harmony is communicative



  1. yay  

    I love Remi! I'm so glad I play rugby with her :)

    Seriously though: she does sound like a bear. And ALWAYS has her shirt off at games!


    Bwog! Pillow fight! Tonight! Get on it!

  3. what does remi play?

    ruby? (first paragraph.)
    otherwise, matt shields, you rock.

  4. Call

    Your mom everyone, good karma for finals. Then, PILLOW FIGHT! Bwog get on both of these!

  5. The King of Spain  

    Wolfe's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery is one of the most pretentious paintings I have ever seen, packed with Gilded Age swirls and affected painterly strokes, so it's believable that he's concerned over his image in dust jackets.

  6. tom

    Wolfe sucks to an unbelievable degree

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