Butlerites Get High on Knowledge

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An anonymous tipster spotted the pictured stack of books in the Butler computer lab. “If only my finals were this interesting!” he laments.  The books include:

Cannabis Culture


Marijuana-The New Prohibition

Sexual Power of Marijuana

Man and Marijuana

Marihuana Reconsidered

Marihuana Papers

Bitter Pill

Birth Control

From Private Vice to Public Virtue

New Concepts in Contraception

National Com. on Marijuana and Drug Abuse

It looks like there may be at least one student who’s a little less stressed than the rest of us.


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  1. syke!  

    ohhhh hahhahahahahaha gooodd one bwogzie boy!

  2. with all those  

    books, they must be a speed-weeder!

  3. Neil Hamburger

    Now that's "higher" education!

  4. this thread  

    is really going to pot

  5. although  

    I guess those in grass houses shouldn't get stoned.

  6. Anonymous  

    Snootchie Bootchies.

  7. um,  

    smoking copious amounts of weed is the only way to get through finals, dude (but seriously...).

  8. Rick James

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  9. Say What  

    Snoop Dogg studies at Columbia

  10. Anyone? Anyone?

    Based on these books, this paper will be a Highly Abortive endeavor.

  11. hello  

    those are mine

  12. wow  

    the person writing this paper is going to get so many title ideas from this thread! I wish I could write a paper like that, whatever that is.

  13. yes  

    the writer should definitely entitle his/her paper "Snootchie Bootchies"

  14. Smoke  

    em if you got em

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