CULPA: Lost, Found (Kind of)

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A few commenters and tipsters have been asking about the whereabouts of CULPA, which has seemingly vanished from the internet. Bwog emailed CULPA man-in-charge Seth Berliner who explained that “CULPA is down while we move the site to a new (and more reliable) server, which will allow us to make some upgrades over the summer.  We apologize to our loyal readers for the inconvenience; hopefully the new server and the summer improvements will prevent this sort of thing in the future.”

So there you have it.  






  2. question  

    Will Culpa still be the only website on the internet to end with ".info"?

  3. thanks  

    you the wo/man Bwog.

  4. for the desperate  

    those of you who really really want to read reviews, you can use you can also use it to access the unfortunately dead tunnels wiki

  5. thoughts?  

    I've been hoping for more senior wisdom so I could post this there but it seems like that's coming to a close. Anyways, I sent the below message / ideas to bwog:

    Senior wisdom from campus figures is great. But I'm sure a lot of non-campus figure people have some interesting tidbits to share. Two posts I'd like to see:
    1) One which asks any senior to share senior wisdom
    2) One which asks seniors to share general antecdotes ("columbia lore") that have accumulated within our class over the past four years. This could also extend into a post for anyone to share stories from the last year.

    I'd be interested to see what people post - there are a lot of little columbia legends that might be forgotten if they're not recorded.

    I'd be interested to see what people post - there are a lot of little Columbia legends that might be forgotten if they're not recorded.


    Anyone else agree/disagree with my sentiments?

  6. HawkDaddy  

    how about an article titled:
    "BWOG: Lost, Found (Kind of)"

  7. culpa:  

    the culpa sysadmins have been really pathetic. they let the site go down constantly, take forever to post reviews, and are terrible about maintenance (e.g. correcting misfiled reviews, removing instructors no longer at columbia). all their predecessors did a much better job. they should be replaced immediately!

  8. hec ramasy

    It's really hard to take these sites seriously, given anyone can post to them

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