Double Free Food

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Today is a momentous one in terms of free food: some stars somewhere are aligned marking this rarest of occasion when two dining establishments are simultaneously offering free products. First, McDonalds will be serving, until 7 PM, free chicken biscuit sandwiches (fine print: the sandwiches are only free with the purchase of a medium or large drink.) Second, it’s free iced coffee day til 10 PM at Dunkin Donuts, and there’s no fine print, just 16 oz. of really good iced coffee. 

The nearest McDonalds: 125th and Broadway

Two Dunkin Donuts options: Amsterdam beween 105th and 106th and Amsterdam between 125th and 126th.  



  1. trivia  

    that everyone already knows:

    mcdonalds doesn't make any money off their burgers, but only on drinks and fries!

  2. Alum

    Read in today's Metro on the subway to work that Amstel Light is having a Dutch festival on Amsterdam Avenue from 5-8PM tonight: cheap beer and giveaways!!

  3. more trivia

    that everybody everybody already knows:

    The Hamburgler can't go back to prison. He's made a lot of enemies on the inside

  4. pjb

    did any notice the people singing accapella all over campus last night? it was really strange.

  5. yo bwog  

    if u were a girl id teabag you

  6. even closer  

    if you live on the south end of campus... isn't there a mcdonalds on broadway at like 104th

  7. even more trivia

    that everybody everybody already knows:

    The Playland city council is about to impeach Mayor McCheese. It's always sad to see the end of a political career, especially one so promising and delicious

  8. lerner  

    also some good sandwiches in lerner right event got out about an hour ago.

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