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The AP ran a story today in which they talked to Obama’s old friends from his days at Alma Mater. There are tales of bravery, like that time on Broadway when Obama courageously fended off a hobo. And fun facts about Obama’s developing fashion sense—did you know he was kind of into the grunge look? (So ahead of his time!). Also: he had a heart of gold. “Siddiqi would mock Obama’s idealism — he just wanted to make a lot of money and buy things, while Obama wanted to help the poor.” He was also a vegetarian. 

Ah, memories. 



  1. anonymous

    Okay, okay - Columbia accepted Obama. But get over it; everyone makes mistakes!

  2. here and now  

    henry perkins, second baseman of the CU baseball team won Ivy League player of the year today...awesome

  3. hmmm  

    why are people always posting random shit on bwog about the baseball team? are they baseball players cuz surely noone else cares the least bit

  4. hahaha  

    "But another former Oxy classmate, Robert McCrary, now general manager of a contract sewing company, saw him differently: 'He definitely had a cocky, sometimes arrogant way about him. ... He was not open to others.'"


  5. eric

    I have to say this, since no one else did. I thought this article shows Obama's high quality character, and shows that he's not a phony by any means. He's truly interested in understanding others and helping the world.

  6. mugging

    guys, there's apparently an email going around that a professor was mugged on 104th and riverside tonight. what happened? anyone?

    i know a friend in teacher's college that got the email (though said it was about a columbia prof). anyone know?

  7. what's with...

    all the Obama hatred? Have the CC Republicans hijacked this message board?

    • anonymous

      Well kiddo, not everyone likes Obama.

      It must be a terrible shock to you to be confronted with the fact that not everyone agrees with your preferences. I know, I know - how could that be? Does this suggest that your views are no obviously correct? A terrible conundrum.

      But welcome to reality.

  8. seniors  

    we want more seniors!

  9. streaker

    streaker at Fordham's commencement.

  10. not everyone

    may not like obama, but that's what we have elections for--which are better for deciding these sorts of things than anonymous blog postings.

  11. Well...  

    "Okay, okay - Columbia accepted Obama. But get over it; everyone makes mistakes!"

    You're misguided and poorly informed if your preferences for the coming election guides your opinion regarding whether Obama should have gotten into Columbia. In all due respect, his admission to the college is none of your business, so keep your trap shut.

    Also, try not to post statements of the obvious like "Well kiddo, not everyone likes Obama." Even the most diehard Obama-philes realize that; we live in a democracy, and that is the nature of a democracy. I know you're trying to sound jaded, experienced, and well-versed in the ways of this world, but please get over yourself.

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