PrezBo is 10th Most Powerful Real Estate Power Player

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The New York Observer just released their list of this year’s 100 Most Powerful People in Real Estate. Rounding off the upper echelon of the city’s developers, scions, and politicians is none other than PrezBo. Says the Observer: “In a town where real estate is rarely measured in acres, Lee Bollinger is leading Columbia toward a 17-acre expansion, adding 6.8 million square feet to the campus. With the help of eminent domain, or at least the threat, he will be responsible for the wholesale transformation of West Harlem.”

PrezBo narrowly beat the guy responsible for NYU’s 6 million sq. feet of Greenwich Village expansion as well as New York’s new governor, David Paterson.  

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  1. loud noises  

    Is a commencement run-through happening? Is that the loud noise outside?

  2. senior  

    no we don't get a run through... who knows what the noise is. I can't hear anything from EC

  3. loud noises  

    they're reading out names, and there's this level of cheering that's *so* consistent that i'm convinced it's taped...

  4. dumbasses  

    there are other schools at columbia university besides CC and SEAS. the B-school's grad is today

  5. Answer...

    Unless you're talking about something going on DIRECTLY in the middle of campus, it was probably the AIDS walk, which happened today...several thousand cheering people take a long time to cross 110th St, and make enough noise to reach all of Morningside Heights.

  6. FYI  

    CULPA's back up.

  7. Prezbo...

    was ahead of David Patterson? It wouldn't be the first disabled black man he beat out of New York real estate.

    HEY-oh!...I'll be here 'til thursday

  8. what do you  

    call it when you buy an entire fishing pier in manhattanville?

    reel estate!

  9. we measure

    Manhattanville in acres because it reminds us of the time of plantations.

  10. graduate

    is anyone watching quigley's class day speech right now? this is beyond embarrassing.

  11. loud noises  

    ok, so this grad thing is kind of intriguing.
    in what order are these names being read? it kinda sounds like a blurofnoise, but it's def. not alphabetical...

  12. they read them

    in the order that you sit in. you give them a card with your name on it.

  13. graduate

    very strange bwog doesn't have an open comment thread for class day / graduation.

  14. does

    bwog continue in the summer?

  15. Juli

    Check back for our class day coverage at the end of the day!

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