At GS, When You’re Here, You’re Family

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is reporting that a mother and a daughter graduated together from GS yesterday. “‘It was very competitive, she loves to compete. Like what grade did you get on your paper? How well did you do on your midterm? And in the end when I got a B+ and she got an A-, she was like “I did better than you did,” she rubbed it in my face,’ says mother Insaf Abdullah.” As for post-grad plans, daughter plans to return to the Middle East while mother opts for grad school.  

Bwog offers accolades to both mother and daughter, but frankly we’re a bit shocked that this exact situation has never been lampooned in a Varsity Show before.

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  1. Yep

    That was really cute. As was the guy who carried his baby across the stage when his name was being read out.

  2. Which one

    is the mother?

  3. aww

    how wonderful. congrats to all GSers! and don't worry - most of us know you're a diverse bunch, and that not all of you are older.

  4. bwog

    "Bwog offers accolades to both mother and daughter, but frankly we're a bit shocked that this exact situation has never been lampooned in a Varsity Show before."

    But frankly you are a bunch of douchebags.

  5. C'10

    How big of a donation do you think it'll take to convince the admin to cut ties with Barnard and close GS? Also, why the fuck do Barnard bitches get Columbia email addresses?

  6. Awww!

    This was so sweet and nice, and really served to remind me, just for a moment, what an amazing country this can be, even in the middle of dark times, and what an amazing school this is, even in the middle of hateful comments.

    • hmmmmm

      What kind of "dark times" are you referring to? You mean economic hardship? High gas prices? Or, conversely, the plague? Feudal lordship? Or might it be that you're insinuating something about the fact that the mother and daughter are both Muslim, and suggesting that something about our present time makes such a situation uniquely "amazing?"

  7. cc'08  

    congrats to all the GSers!

  8. Zaynab  

    was in my literature class this semester, and she's very nice. On the last day, when we all brought sweets, her mother made a ton of delicious kanafa (a really awesome Middle Eastern dessert). They are both very kind.


  9. I took

    a class with both of them, and they're awesome!

  10. All About...

    My Mother, plot lines:

    * Mom and Daughter have a crush on the same boy in school

    * Mom and Daughter realize that it doesn't pay to cheat

    * Mom and Daughter both need the car to go to the senior prom

    * Mom and Daughter both get pregnant - hilarity ensues

  11. To #6  

    You are an arrogant piece of shit. I completely support #18's proposition.

  12. 907am  

    Barnard Admin over megaphone: Ladies, please proceed to lineup in the gym

    Chris Kulawik and associate promptly complied

  13. Barnard?

    How is cutting ties with a parasitic and unproductive institution "arrogant"? Why do they get to sit closer to the stage than SEAS? Why do they get Latinate degrees? They love parading the name "Columbia" around but they also enjoy emphasizing their "separate" status as a women's college.

    The way I see it, they should have to choose to be totally assimilated into the Columbia University structure OR be totally jettisoned. Letting them have their cake and eat it too is weak.

    • omg

      closer to the stage?!?! BLASPHEMY! I cannot believe the administration allows such an injustice continue to go on. But I guess it is to be expected that such a good-hearted institution, like Columbia, would let Barnard continue to exist in its current form out of the goodness of its heart (sarcasm).

    • CC'09  

      So, you are a bit of a moron. Barnard is not a parasitic institution; the relationship is mutually symbiotic. Meaning both parties benefit from it. Even if our benefit was 0, why not let them have their cake and eat it to? There is no evidence to suggest that it cheapens our degree; Ivies don't rip on us as a 'safety' school as they do with Penn, and employers still love us, and we still have huge prestige, so clearly having Barnard around hasn't hurt us. This desire to cut them off is completely irrational, narcissistic and smacks of infantile selfishness.

      On the other hand, Barnard is actually a source of benefit to us as well. They provide us w/ more kids our age to hang out w/ and date. They give us the best neighborhood possible (can you think of a better alternative? more Harlem/run down stores? a shopping district? a tourist spot? A college town atmosphere is awesome).

      They contribute to our clubs and sports and definitely improve them. They offer us cool classes we might not have otherwise been able to take (eg: The History of Columbia University) and also therefore make our schedules more flexible.

      So, seriously, why the Barnard hate? To be honest, I was one of the haters too, but if you actually stop to think about it, there's no logical reason to dislike the Nard.

    • Anonymous

      the barnard-columbia relationship is not parasitic. barnard PAYS columbia for the use of its resources. that hardly qualifies as mooching.

      and in return columbia can take advantage of barnard's strengths and academic offerings--the departments of dance, theatre, and urban studies are based at barnard. all tenured professors must be both approved by barnard AND the columbia board, so the quality remains equal on both sides. suck on that.

  14. well

    Barnard is gross. GS is okay.
    i am not a GS student

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