PrezBo Giggles like a Tween

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Tipster Sumeet Shah sends word that PrezBo had a rollicking good time at SEAS’s class day yesterday. Shah sends a photo of PrezBo laughing—real human laughs—at speaker Armen Avanessians’ speech. Says one SEASer of the speech: “Hilarious but uninspiring. The whole speech was nerd jokes… he got a laugh with the phrase ‘1.5-micron CMOS’, as did the random engineer in the crowd who yelled out ‘size doesn’t matter’ right afterward. There was a lot of yelling at the SEAS ceremony, actually.”


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  1. Anonymous

    funny pic bwog but a little more info would be tube video perhaps, or a little about the speech?

  2. What about GS

    I was at that class day and two of the three speeches were great, plus they had a band of students walking at the head of the graduates play them in instead of pomp and circumstance, which was cute.

    • Jack  

      I agree with #4. I was at the GS Class Day too and I thought it was the best of the three ceremonies (having watched the previous two online). Alicia Graf gave by far the most inspiring speech of the day. The salutatorian gave the best student address of the day. Prezbo gave mostly the same address as he had in the previous ceremonies, but tied it into GS students as those that "get it" the most. It was a really nice moment.

      Also, as was previously noted, GS got a live bands to present the graduates. Just an all around really nice ceremony. Can't really say the same for CC after watching Quigs make a fool of himself. Does Colombo even know what school he's working at?

      Also agreed that scans of the programs would be really nice.

  3. Bankie Edwards  

    What's a GS?

  4. Dominique

    Bwog, can we get a scan of the programs fromthe respective Class Days??

  5. I think

    Prezbo's gown is very slimming

  6. SEAS '09

    you can see costa on the right, almost as delighted. and kam's head looks very, very strange. even more than usual.



  8. Bollinger

    Incidentally, I have never seen such a human expression on Bollinger's face before. He does a better job than the pope of maintaining a divine aura. I am pleased.

  9. Go BMEs!  

    Lu, Hung, Kam, Hillman, and Costa all in a row = freaking sexy as hell.


    I am proud to see that my photo got on Bwog. At that point, I am running out the back door (with my inflatable hammer) to make sure that PrezBo does not chase after me - with his University Senate gavel ;-)

  11. BME faculty sucks


    not good enough for columbia...good luck not getting tenure elsewhere

  12. that  

    looks like a sneeze

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