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It’s not only seniors who are receiving diplomas this week, outgoing President and Varsity Show protagonist Judith Shapiro (pictured with her signature sass at right), will be receiving an honorary Columbia University Doctor of Laws degree, presented to her tomorrow by none other than PrezBo. In a press release, PrezBo commends JShap on doubling BC’s endowment, instituting the Nine Ways of Knowing, and launching construction on the Vag. 

Congrats, JShap! 

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  1. hmm  

    More Barnard women flaunting the "Columbia" on their degrees.

    (A joke. Please calm down.)

  2. What?!

    Women doctors? What's next fish firemen?

  3. eah

    i'm going to miss her.

  4. happy

    i was never especially partial to her, but after the class day ceremony today, i will miss jshap. the whole bc ceremony was lovely. thank you, barnard!

  5. I regret  

    not being able to spend time in JShap's Vag. From what I've heard it sounds quite lovely.

  6. actually bwog,  

    J-Shap was congratulated for tripling BC's endowment*

    *insert dirty euphemism here

  7. cc grad

    the barnard class day ceremony was much more interesting than cc's. mike bloomberg actually gave a pretty good speech that seemed well researched. although i'm sure he just has good speechwriters whereas joel klein probably wrote his himself.

  8. strong beautiful  

    The BC ceremony was great, coverage asap please!
    JShap is so much like a mother to Barnard, kind of embarrassing (see "signature sass") but pretty amazing and endearing.

  9. Anonymous  

    Barnard's awesome. Their degrees are conferred by our university. They're in our classes (and us in theirs), they're in our clubs, our sports teams, our libraries, our social groups. They're a school of Columbia University. How is that so difficult to accept?

  10. ermm

    I'm sorry, but Columbia's complete lack of an advising system is nothing to be proud of.

  11. columbia student

    ...spoken like a true Barnard student.

  12. CC'09  

    you're DUMB. Deal with it. There are a lot of Barnard students smarter than CC/SEAS kids. They offer us more classes, better teams, better clubs & groups, more dining options, and generally more of a collegiate neighborhood.

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