Political Endorsement: Marcus Johnson for City Council!

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One astute, politically-inclined tipster sent Bwog a list of all the candidates for New York’s City Council, pointing out that one of which is former University Senator Marcus Johnson, CC ’07 and table-dancer extraordinaire. Johnson is running for a City Council seat in District 12, which is located in the North Bronx. The seat’s open, as current City Councilman Larry Seabrook is on his second term and ineligible for re-election. 

Johnson is up against Andy King, the developer of Uptown Developer’s Corporation and Cheryl Simmons Oliver, the District Director for Jose Serrano, a council member congressman from the Bronx’s 16th district.

Best of luck Marcus! (We love you, but you might want to update your website).

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  1. isnt

    jose serrano a congressman?

  2. Juli

    Yes, you're right. Fixed, thanks!

    • Anonymous

      You might want to double check which Jose Serrano that is.

      Jose E. Serrano is a congressman. His son, Jose M. Serrano, is a state senator.

      Either way, there's no Serrano in the city council.

  3. YES

    I love Marcus. Can columbia support him, please...

  4. Marcus Johnson CC07

    I love you too, Bwog! Thank you for the endorsement and I'm working on a fresh face for the website. Coming soon .

    take care,

    Marcus Johnson
    University Senator Emeritus

  5. kasia

    marcus, this is stellar!
    let me know if i can help in any way.

    much luck!

    kasia.krolowa (at) gmail

  6. Hmmmm  

    I hope you're better than Mark Johnson, senior class president.

  7. yeah  

    he's a great guy

  8. EAL

    This will likely be the first step in the Columbia University Marching Band's plot for world domination.

  9. not to mention

    the UNIVERSITY SENATE'S plot for world domination!!

    it was great seeing you Wednesday, buddy!!


  10. Anonymous

    Speaking of alums who make us proud, Dennis Richmond (the Bay Area's "black Ron Burgundy") retired last night :(

    Granted, he went to the J-School, but still...

  11. Sprinkles

    Go Marcus! He would be excellent.

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