The Spec is Suspended from the Internet

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Bwogger Lydia DePillis noticed that attempting to reach the Spec‘s website now brings one to the following message:

Ruh-roh. Has Spec not been footing the bill’s for its web presence? Or perhaps it simply went the way of the Barnard Bulletin, whose foray into the world of the Internet was all too brief.

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  1. Web designer

    This sort of thing most often happens after a sharp increase in bandwidth usage that pushes a site over its monthly limit. My guess is either that a major website linked to a spec page that had a lot of content for some reason (a pdf showing up on gawker or something like that) or that someone launched a kind of modified DDoS attack by accessing the Spec website over and over and over again.

    Or maybe they just didn't pay their bill.

  2. wu-tang


  3. tom faure

    We paid our bills but we're switching hosts and that's why the site's been off and on in the last day or two. Apologies to the millions--nay billions--of loyal readers we've inconvenienced!

  4. This certainly

    warrants further inSPECtion.

  5. Bwog, did you

    think of maybe contacting Spectator to ask why the site was down? Or was that too ambitious a journalistic effort?

  6. Btw  

    Culpa is back online. Go vent.

  7. Spec

    is why we can't have nice things

  8. lydia

    is back? hooray. what an awesome bwogger she is.

  9. oh yeah

    tom faure got this massive cackdiesel

  10. blatantselfpromotion

    the commentariat is still up!

  11. a real journalist

    You guys at bwog like to call yourselves "journalists." You know what journalists do when they notice something is out of the ordinary? They investigate it, contacting relevant sources (in this case, Spec editors might have been a relevant source) to see what the reality is, and THEN they report it. Because the full story is rarely evident at first glance.

    There's a name for venues that immediately post everything they see in a sensationalist style without investigating further: Tabloids.

    • someone...

      needs to chill the fuck out... it'll be ok my friend....the bwog... wil... be... ok....

    • DHI

      Yo son bwog never claimed to be pure journalism...maybe some journalism gets done on some shit, but it's a blog, man, not a newspaper. The model of posting what you know, then following up on that shit, is good for a lot of readers because you know that shit as soon as you can, then you can check for the full story when someone gets on that.

      Here's a "journal list"

      The Wall Street Journal
      Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal
      My first grade journal, that marbled composition book
      "Urinal" pronounced with an accent
      I can't remember any more journals

    • hmmm

      i thought the spec had a monopoly on incompetent, self-righteous "journalists"?

  12. Anonymous

    Bwog, is this why kids are so slovenly in Butler, eating aromatic sandwiches and chicken fingers when 'doing work'? That's just stupid.

  13. CU08  

    Moving out today. This is the last post I'll ever make on Bwog that will have the little crown next to it. Sigh.

  14. spec

    Spec is back online.

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