A Festival for the Rest of Us

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Tipster Michael Wymbs alerted us to last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, on which Physicas Professor Brian Greene was a guest. Greene was promoting the World Science Festival (of which he is host), which will take place this weekend in all over the city. As part of the festival, Greene will be a panelist in an “Invisible Reality” lecture (moderated by favored West Wing Republican Alan Alda.) Check out the Festival’s full schedule here.

The Festival’s Street Fair will take place on Saturday in Washington Sq. Park and will feature a 12-foot tall animatronic dinosaur and a real-life version of the Magic School Bus. Bwog will see you there.

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  1. curious

    What ever happened to Commencement coverage?

  2. @ curious

    hot tip: it was probably lame and boring.

  3. commencement ropes

    what do the different colored ropes people have for commencement stand for?

  4. Brian Greene

    is a math professor, yo.

  5. Are you

    serious Bwog? "[F]avored West Wing Republican Alan Alda"...more like Hawkeye fucking Pierce of M*A*S*H. What are you too young to even have heard of the show?

  6. ISCAP

    Hey Prof. Greene....what were the results of the latest ISCAP experiment? (haha)

    string theorists = the scientific equivalent of postmodernist french lit critics

  7. loved the interview  

    Brian Greene is awesome!

  8. yoo  

    how can we get tickets to the Columbia events w/o paying?

  9. God

    Brian Greene is awesome.

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