Such Great Heights

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Gawker is linking to Vanity Fair‘s just released “All Access Summer Guide,” which features the city’s best beaches, bars, restaurants, and pools. Second on VF‘s list of the Best Bars for Drinking Under the Stars? None other than everyone’s favorite backup for when 1020 is just too crowded, the Heights. “Columbia students drink their cares away at this second story Morningside Heights bar,” the guide truthfully (we guess?) points out. 

So be on the lookout for an influx of hip forty-somethings with an inexplicable desire to drink their cares away with a bunch of “twenty-one-year-olds” under the stars.

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  1. EAL

    Ha! If I wanted to look for "hip" forty-somethings pretending to mingle with undergrads I'd go to Havana Central. Oh, how I miss the old West End.

  2. GS-er

    Frankly, the Heights is a bit on the sleazy old side as it stands.

  3. yeah

    the last time i was there there were many foreign rowdy tourist men. could the heights possibly be in some nyc guidebook?

  4. ...

    i've been to the heights a bunch and have yet to figure out how exactly one gets on the roofdeck...

  5. hello  

    the heights is the swimmer's bar!

  6. as long

    as lion's head still remains undiscovered, i don't care what bars get in magazines

  7. random  

    One thing the Heights has going for it is the sound system. 1020 and Lion's Head both have horrendous sound systems. 1020 needs to do 2 things: 1. remove the pool table so people have space to dance and 2. invest in a better sound system

  8. bwog haunts me

    so i posted a tutoring ad on craigslist to make some side cash and someone emails me 'cause they're interested. i email them with my info and rates and whatnot...and then they email be back telling me they googled me -- they asked what this inane/childish insult in the bwog comments meant.

    hooray for the internets!

  9. Hmmm

    Are you kidding me? The best thing about 1020 is that you can't dance. The music isn't incredibly loud there which means you can actually have a conversation. I'm f'ing sick of bars that blast music so loud you have to scream at each other.

  10. Bwog,

    You should do a poll on which neighborhood bar people prefer (and watch as the "you didn't mention this bar that's pretty far away but that I frequent because I'm so cool" pissing contest ensues)

  11. i like

    # 14's idea. DO IT, BWOG.

  12. dalton

    "1. remove the pool table so people have space to dance"

    if that happens, i swear to the tiny baby jesus, i will start a fire to drive out the people out of 1020. not because i like pool, but god ... do you really want a dance floor in, of all the fucking places, 1020?

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