The Vag: Delays and Hurrays

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Earlier this morning, Barnard students received a message from outgoing President Judith Shapiro informing them that their would-be Vag will not be completed by its scheduled Fall 2009 date — something about subcontracting gone awry — but will instead open in January 2010. 

But there are silver linings abounds: Starting this fall Lewis Parlor will function as a cafe/student lounge, and Shaprio promises that student-oriented events will receive a higher priority when assigning space. The fully functioning Vag, Shapiro assures us, “will definitely be worth this uncomfortable wait.” Oh, we have no doubt.

Full email after the jump.

“To the Barnard community–

I am writing to share news of a development in Nexus construction.  We have been informed by Bovis Lend Lease, the construction manager for the project, that due to difficulties with a subcontractor, the Nexus will not be ready for occupancy in fall 2009 as originally planned.  The grand opening of the building is now scheduled for the start of the following semester, in January 2010.

Delays are certainly disappointing, but as you know, not uncommon for projects of this size and complexity.  Since construction began a year and a half ago, you have all exhibited outstanding patience and resourcefulness, and your continued understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated.  The completed Nexus will serve as the heart of this campus for decades to come, and will definitely be worth this uncomfortable wait.

Meanwhile, we will continue in our efforts to maximize existing campus space to compensate for the lack of a social and cultural center.  For example, beginning this fall, the lovely Lewis Parlor will serve as both a student lounge and a daytime cafe.  Also, the Committee on Events Planning will give student-oriented events a higher priority when assigning spaces throughout the academic year.

We are mindful, too, of the extended pressure on the management of classroom, library, studio and performance space.  Faculty, staff and students will all be involved in further planning related to this delay.

Updates will be forthcoming as we receive more information.  To learn the latest on Nexus construction at any time, please visit www.barnard.edu/nexus.

Thank you again for your forbearance and cooperation.

Judith Shapiro”

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  1. hmmm  

    god that thing is ugly...looks like something straight out of the 80's. It's sad considering Milbank is one of the prettiest buildings on either campus but has to be surrounded by this ugly crap.

  2. Looks like

    the Vag just blue-balled us.

  3. CC 2009

    Damn it, does this mean I'm gonna graduate without getting any Barnard Vag?

  4. cc '10

    that is a really ugly building

  5. spelling

    there are silver linings abounds...



    Bwog, fire someone

  6. ...

    It's worth it to wait for a good Vag

  7. yeah  

    There's a book title somewhere in this. Constructing the Vag: Barnard in the 21st Century.

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