And Then There Were Two

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The New York Times is reporting this morning that Anne Whitman, who up until very recently was one of three Manhattanville landowners who refused to sell to Columbia, has decided to throw in the proverbial towel and has agreed to turn over her land to Columbia. In exchange for selling the property currently home to her moving storage company (now located on 129th/130th on B’Way), Whitman will receive a stretch of property in Washington Heights, which Bwog hears is quite lovely.

A few years ago, Whitman had the following to say when CU offered her $4 million: “‘No way Columbia is going to steal this property right out from underneath me. Remember that man who stood in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square? That’s me.'”

Which, of course, didn’t turn out to be quite true — probably-unintended anti-Communist implications non-withstanding.

Nonetheless, that leaves just Nick Sprayregen and a conspicuously unnamed family as the only two landowners resisting the charms (re: money) of PrezBo.

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  1. Disgusting!

    Can't believe this woman is comparing herself to the man standing up against a tank. We all know she just wants more money and is hardly about an individual standing up for human rights. I sorta wish Columbia just used eminent domain

  2. PrezBo Palpatine

    Give in, Nick! It is of no use to resist. It is your destiny.

  3. dont forget

    that her moving company is the only preferred columbia vendor for moving and storage!

  4. her new property

    i hear washington heights is lovely, actually.
    it has bodegas full of singing, dancing, tony-nominated ethnic people.

  5. Yech.

    Yes, Sprayregen seems more than a little slimy. And transparently so.

  6. Actually

    Parts of Columbia (Student Affairs division, at a minimum) use Galil Moving and Storage (http://www.galil.com/), which is cheaper and better than the Manhattanville operators, from my experience.

  7. copy edit

    hey bwog, i think that should be "i.e.", not "re:".

  8. honestly  

    just bring out the eminent domain

  9. The King of Spain

    Also, I believe that the other owner, if they're not counting the guy who owns the "Cotton Club," is the owner of the gas station next to Floridita. I may be wrong.

  10. McFister

    Always knew she was full of hot air.

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