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One Bwog operative has sent word that our PrezBo has compiled a scrapbook of the Best of PrezBo, celebrating five years of memories, fun, and friendship.

Lovingly called “The President’s Report,” the Best of PrezBo categorizes the Columbia experience into easy-to-navigate sections like The Student Experience (that’s you guys!) and A Stronger Columbia, which is a fancy-sounding euphemism for the capital campaign/Manhattanville. And like any yearbook, PrezBo has even given shout-outs to all the friends he’s made over the years. Our operative also noted that PrezBo scholars have determined that this is, in fact, Lee’s sixth year of presidency.

We also located Bo’s predecessor George Rupp’s adorably pre-Millennial Five Year Report, which boasts a photo of Low with old-timey edge blurring. Rupp points to things like the creation of Lerner Hall and the Nussbaum Broadway dorm as triumphs of his presidency. Though in the New York City section of the report, Rupp discusses the inauguration of a month-long arts outreach program called “Morningside to Manhattan,” for which the only Google results are from Columbia’s 1997 archives.

Nonetheless, let’s hope the goals laid out in the Best of PrezBo — for example the University’s pledge to reduce its greenhouse gases 30% by 2017 — are achieved and Columbia prospers happily ever after.

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  1. hahaha

    "human yearnings"?

  2. the human yearning

    for some serious fucking.

  3. wait...what?

    "Jazz, science, and the classics all play a role in the Core Curriculum."
    Jazz? You mean that 40 minute discussion on that one day of Music Hum?

  4. c'mon  

    he refers to the construction of Broadway Residence Hall, not "the nussbaum dorm".

    fact check, bwog. fact check. it even has a photo and the words "Together with the adjacent Hogan Hall..."

  5. hmm....

    I think so. After all, "give my regards to Broadway" wouldn't have made much sense otherwise.

  6. It's nice  

    to see a president who gives a shit about undergraduates and undergrad student life. And I don't mean PrezBo.

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