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Bwog tipster Sara Vogel informs us that Robert Thurman, professor of Buddhist studies and relative of all sorts of famous people, is this week’s New York Times Magazine “Questions For…” interviewee. In the interview, Thurman talks about why the Dalai Lama never comes over to hang out anymore, totally disses Slavoj Zizek, and also at one point says, “I meditate on how Dick Cheney was my mother in a previous life and nursed me at his breast.” (Impromptu Photoshop contest: if you send us an image of Thurman suckling at the teat of our Vice President, we will include it in this post.)

For more of the Robert Thurman interview experience, check out the Blue and White’s October Conversation.

UPDATE 12:06 AM: A treasure arrives in our inbox, from Photoshop hero Jon Hill:

(Hello, Daily Intelligencer!)

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  1. also

    Thurman comes off as a bit of a nut in this interview. Anyone had him for class? Is he crazy?

  2. btw

    i appreciate the wikicu links. that site has the potential to be pretty helpful, with more regular contributors.

  3. ...

    the postgraduation wikicu article actually moved me to tears at a particularly unemployed moment-- so there.

  4. Fact

    Robert Thurman = Ass Clown

  5. Anonymous

    Whelp, that sure is a photoshop alright.

  6. the real cheney

    has much bigger tits.

  7. what kind

    of tears are we talking about here?

    I contributed a few sections. I hope you've found the site helpful. I wish more people would contribute.

  8. 0393277612  

    Resemblance to Bill Gates?

  9. pancho

    that looks like jerry springer sucking on bill gates' tit.

    • [email protected]  

      inject some botox into that sucker and we've got a winner

  10. ...  

    what's all this about john jay dining hall undergoing major renovations this summer?

  11. !!!!!!!  

    Currently living in JJ as a High school summer program. As of Friday there hasn't been anything done inside the dining hall...doesn't mean they didn't start over the weekend, but I haven't seen anything.

  12. Goddamn

    That is a disturbing picture.

  13. Anonymous

    Get free video and audio of Dr. Thurman's teachings at www.bobthurmanpodcast.com

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