Oops: Your SSN Has Maybe Once Again Been Compromised

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Gather round Columbia, we heard a harrowing tale from SSN breach survivor John Davisson. It seems the free credit monitoring service that your administration has provided is giving identity thieves one more shot to steal your personal information if they were busy from February 2007 to May 2008.

“I called Identity Guard to activate my Columbia-bought-and-paid-for “CREDITPROTECTX®” service. After I gave the operator some basic info, she said she’d transfer me to their ‘Identity Verification Unit.’ I waited on hold for a couple of minutes, until I was suddenly patched through to two or three simultaneous conversations between other customers and operators. All but one dropped out quickly, allowing me to overhear the voice of another CREDITPROTECTX® prospect. I couldn’t make out what the operator was telling her, but within a few seconds, the caller rattled off her full name, phone number, home address, email address, and social security number. Then the line when dead.

Sadly, I am not making this up.”

Oh, dear.

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  1. do it online!

    haha, awesome....glad i did my signing up online where i could be sure it was encrypted

  2. whoa

    i was one of the ssn breach victims... but i haven't heard from columbia about activating my free service. i have a valid non-columbia mailing address too... did everybody else receive something through the mail, besides the first notification letter?

    • columbian

      yes, i received something. but if you didn't, email the email address in the original email, and they can send you a copy of your letter as a pdf attachment.

  3. facepalm

    jesus. Way2go, dipshits.

  4. shut up

    ssn werent stolen. they were posted on a personal google documents account. chill out fuckers.

  5. excuse me

    I got the original email promising a credit service soon which never came. What is going on?

    • dunno but

      I got a letter sent to my home address via regular mail containing the URL and the redemption code for enrollment in the credit monitoring system. It's dated June 16 and I think I got it a week ago. Maybe your mail is slow?

  6. Question

    Speaking of the credit protection? Where am I suppose to enter the redemption code we got?

  7. ...  


    i think the bwog comments on the matter and the internal mailing list posts should be pitted head-to-head for the gold...

  8. correction

    "went" instead of "when"

  9. nasty

    looks like the CU summer dating scene is at full throttle


  10. 1234567890

    nadal won! so happy!

    so pissed about this.

  11. omg

    i hate columbia housing lets all move to brooklyn

  12. Hmmm

    Brooklyn? Stabbyhipster land? No thank you.

  13. CC'09

    Class action law suit anyone?

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