College of Dental Medicine Student Missing

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The New York Daily News is reporting that Toby Cohen, a 25 year old student at the College of Dental Medicine, has been missing for two days. He hasn’t been seen since Sunday, when he left his girlfriend’s apartment, went to the ATM, and made his way home towards his apartment in Washington Heights.

According to the Daily News, “[his parents] are especially worried because he left his wallet and the medication he takes to control a life-threatening medical condition in his apartment. Anyone with information should call the 33rd Precinct, (212) 927-3200.”

UPDATE: Happy ending! Toby Cohen is no longer a missing person.

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  1. Totally  

    just beat me to the punch! I hope that the story is real.

  2. lucy

    you got some 'splainin' to do.

  3. ...  

    "- Cohen has been found healthy, and his family is currently picking him up."


    he was "found healthy" and his family is "picking him up."

    sounds weird.

  4. Bored

    Bwog, why do you feel the need to repost this? I mean, didn't Gothamist cover the story? Did you have anything at all to add? Does anyone reading this know anyone in the Dental School at all?

  5. @Bored

    It sort of is a public service. I mean its like an Amber alert, but for Columbia students.

  6. paper box

    "$200 out of an ATM and headed back to his Washington Heights home"

    Gimme a c-r-a-c-k b-i-n-g-e

    what does that spell?

  7. Why do we care?

    This is a strange story, but I'm not sure why it's being written about so widely. Did Mr. Cohen's parents flip out and call these newspapers? Is epilepsy a euphemism?

    • Duh

      I agree that we shouldn't give a damn, but I think there are obviously two possibilities:

      1. He did something wrong/stupid and his parents called the media to spin it.

      2. He has some kind of seizure-induced abnormal behavior and amnesia.

      (Or some combination of the above).

  8. crack

    $200 definatley does not buy a shitload of crack. Even buying 4 gram backs of coke and converting it to crack is good for like 6 hours max.

  9. ...

    okay -- it all makes sense now.

    epilepsy is no joke, and his parents are right to obsess over his whereabouts.

    epileptic events can be completely depersonalizing.

    i had a friend who would have to "meet her father for the first time" every few years due to epilepsy.

    and yeah... duh, it's fucking newsworthy. in case you've forgotten, over the past year a number of columbia students have been turning up dead or horrifically violated.

  10. no offense...

    but uhh, i'm not so sure I'd like my dentist throwing a seizure in my oral cavity in the middle of a root canal.

    • ....

      certain types of epilepsy, not every case, are controllable with medication. my brother has been seizure free for almost two years now since going on medication. but missing a dose is obviously not good, hence the reason for his parents' freak out i'm sure.

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