A Free Slurpee, Just for You

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A quick look at the calendar has reminded us that today is 7/11, a date identical to the name of wonderful convenience store 7 Eleven. In honor of this extraordinary annual coincidence, 7 Eleven is giving away free 11 oz. Slurpees, all day, to you.

The easiest 7 Eleven to get to is probably on 48th and 8th, though there are also a couple on the Upper East Side. (See the map after the jump or the store locator for further investigation.)

All Slurpees come with a free iPhone 3G.




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  1. the 7-11

    i went to gave me a one of those like 6 ounce cups for my free slurpee. so i had 4 servings. fuck them.

  2. knock knock

    who's there?
    7/11 who?
    I thought you said you'd never forget.

  3. alexander hamilton

    slow news day huh? 7/11 also marks the date I was shot by some shameless upstart from princeton.

  4. good work

    Congratulations to 7-11.

    By making a Slurpee free, they've greatly improved their prices. Now if they could only do something about its taste...

  5. Alexander Hamilton

    I wish they had free slurpees back in the day. I had to die thirsty the next day.

  6. while

    you may have died thirsty, at least you didn't die in new jersey.

  7. planning

    so, um, not sure if I have time after work -- what are their hours?

  8. false  

    no 7/11 on 48th and 8th, liars

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