“Too Hot to Print” Survey of Barnard Printed Anyway

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A bunch of you have sent us this Jezebel-by-way-of-other-blog post about how old-timey folks conducted surveys that assumed Barnard was full of hussies — just like you kids today joke about!

The newspaper clipping tells the story of how one time, probably in the 20s, the Jester published a “Purity Survey”, in which the gals of Barnard were asked sordid, old-timey things like if they’ve “soul kissed” and “Have you ever been tight?” With respect to that latter question, there were 38 nays and 32 yeas, and “of those answering in the affirmative, 14 said they had been tight once, 14 said they had been tight often, and four said that they were ‘usually tight.'”

Eww. Wait, what?

Anyway, it was apparently “too hot to print” and was banned and then unbanned, and afterwards no one ever implied anything about the promiscuity of Barnard students ever again.

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  1. a jezebel  

    tight = drunk

  2. a friend told me

    that the next issue is going to be about women. I hope you're ready for the bitches on jezebel to pounce again.

  3. fact

    Barnard girls are only tight for the first two days of NSOP =(.

  4. hmm

    it's a tipply tit nipply in here!

  5. hey  

    I want to know the ways the Jester loosens up these Barnard girls. I'd imagine it would use a bottle of Surge.

  6. fjsdlk

    Anyone else notice how, in Barack's latest TV ad, it says he "worked his way through college and Harvard Law"? Columbia swept under the rug yet again.

  7. jester

    you already know that, pimpin

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