For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

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We’ve gotten like 1,000 emails this morning (Columbia, you’re quite partial to the Weddings Section!) about the New York Times marriage announcement of PrezBo’s son, who is also named Lee C. Bollinger and looks exactly like him. (Speculates one friend of Bwog, “Obviously PrezBo has really powerful genes.”)

Lee C. Bollinger the younger, or Young Bo, was married on Friday to a one Ms. Jennifer Ellis. Ellis teaches elementary school in Illinois and attended Western Michigan Univeristy and then DePaul University. Her parents have very nice and respectable-sounding jobs, but whatever, on to the bridegroom’s family.

Spawn of Bo is an intellectual property lawyer who attended UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, and Washington Sq.-based archenemy NYU.

And oh look wow, his father is the president of Columbia University! His mother, the elusive Lady Bo (or “Jean Magnano Bollinger”), is an artist.


Philosophy professors Philip and Patricia Kitcher’s son Charles was also married this weekend to fellow Columbia law graduate Sue-Yun Ahn. The wedding was held at the Columbia Club.

Charles is a law clerk but leaving his job to become a laywer in D.C., Sue-Yun Ahn is also a law clerk who’s on the brink of starting to clerk for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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  1. 1!!

    That bottom couple is *terrifying*. They have the exact same face, except the eyebrows!

  2. i'm not positive  

    but "attended to UC Berkeley"?

    that can't be right, can it

  3. well

    I think they look pretty cute, actually.

  4. cupcake  

    "artist"? lets see some work Lady Bo!

  5. usethegoogle  

    Lady Bo was a founder of the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, which is my favorite museum from when I was a kid.


    Lady Bo also is TC'71:

    Lady Bo donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton:

    Lady Bo makes art:

    also came across this creepy post-Ahmedinejad obit for Lee:

  6. ...  

    oh oh oh... does he have a daughter too? cos then we could have lez-bo!

  7. the whole family

    or liz-bo if her name is elizabeth, or some variation thereof.

    and mrs bollinger, to her child (children) is mom-bo

    and their family pet is a sony ai-bo

  8. wedding season?  

    also, a few weeks ago, there was an announcement about dorothy denburg's daughter getting married.
    and yes, i do read the times wedding announcements on a regular basis.

  9. Alum

    "Charles is a law clerk but leaving his job to become a laywer in D.C."

    Not quite. Most judicial clerkships are temporary jobs which only last a year. Charles Kitcher thus isn't "leaving his job"; his job is simply coming to an end.

  10. wow

    did presbo's son have hs photos taken in front of a dorm door at broadway? thats what i first thought when i saw this picture anyway

  11. Racist Homosexual

    What's this, inter-racial marriages? Pshaw, what's next: inter-GENDER marriages?

  12. just noticed


    "Julia Hitchings and Scott Hitch"

    That girl is going to have such a hard time not adding the "ings" to her new name.

  13. c'mon

    screw all of you guys all of you guys are mean what the hell just be nice or something i am done with you or something bye.

  14. news

    no news yet that's okay.

  15. target

    target everytyhing co

  16. well

    young bo looks like an egg

  17. surprise  


    What a surprise, a white boy with an asian girlfriend. THATS ORIGINAL.

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