Radiohead and Shostakovich at Miller Theatre?

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is showing that two titans of music will be sharing Miller Theatre next March 27th. We were excited until classical scholars pointed out that Shostakovich (the Harry Potter-ish fellow on the left) is probably unavailable, since he’s been dead since 1975. Perturbed by the mystery, and determined to prevent any music-related heart attacks, we consulted the fount of all knowledge to find Miller Theater’s much fuller explanation: it’s not Radiohead and Shostakovich, but some dude playing Shostakovich and Radiohead, in addition to several other classical composers and rock bands. More specifically, it’s Christopher O’Riley, who already has released several albums along similar lines (the second one received a generally meaningless rating of 6.2 from Pitchfork.) He is also known for hosting the NPR show From the Top, where insufferably young and talented musicians show off how awesome they are.


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  1. it's not

    april fools, bwog.

    you had my hopes up and now i feel dejected. the shostakovich was a hint...but i thought radiohead would be doing something with shostakovich or something marvelous like that...damn you.

  2. fools

    why an adolescent picture of Shosty?

  3. lolz

    oh bwog, either news must be very dry or your effort has shriveled up, which is understandable because of the summer heat.

    not only is this article of any consequence, the event described isn't even planned for another 9 months, at which time, no one will remember this article post anyway.

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