We Didn’t Even Realize They Were Dating

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Bwog’s preferred Nantucket-based locally owned weekly newspaper The Nantucket Independent is reporting that religion professor Mark Lilla and adjunct associate professor of visual arts Diana Cooper are engaged to be married.

Diana Cooper went to Harvard undergrad and got a masters in art from Hunter College. Mark Lilla went to the University of Michigan and the Kennedy School at Harvard, and despite Wikipedia’s omission of his editorship, he did, for a time, edit conservative quarterly The Public Interest.

Mazel Tov professors Cooper and Lilla, we look forward to the eventual New York Times wedding announcement.

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  1. wow

    her writing sounds like an acid trip rolled up in a joint-induced daze, dissolved in heroin, and injected with a hypodermic needle right into your fucking eye. Her art looks looks like the resulting vomit.

  2. Batman

    And he's a Straussian...

  3. hmm.wow

    props to lilla for convincing cooper to leave the majors and slum it down in single A the rest of her life

  4. abc

    Third time around for Lilla. #1 was the daughter of neocon Bill Kristol.

  5. not so fast  

    Bill Kristol and Mark Lilla are the same age almost. Maybe Bill Kristol's sister? (Irving Kristol's daughter)

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