Obama’s Schoolwork: Verily, a Mystery

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Little known fact: Barack Obama attended Columbia University, the very same one that you do! While he was here, he wrote a thesis entitled Soviet Nuclear Disarmament, which is not actually a “thesis” (but more on that later). Anyway, the journalists have been trying to get their hands on the Lost Thesis but haven’t been able to find it, and even Barack Obama himself claims he doesn’t have it. 

Now the scholarly treasure hunters have turned to Obama’s old professor Michael Baron, who now lives in Florida and runs a digital media business. It was in Baron’s American Foreign Policy honors seminar that Obama wrote the Lost “Thesis.” According to the professor, Obama was “one of the top one or two students in class.”

But Baron (over on the left) doesn’t have the thesis either, apparently it was lost in a move or some such thing eight years ago.

What he does have is all the juicy details: “My recollection is that the paper was an analysis of the evolution of the arms reduction negotiations between the Soviet Union and the United States. At that time, a hot topic in foreign policy circles was finding a way in which each country could safely reduce the large arsenal of nuclear weapons pointed at the other […] For U.S. policy makers in both political parties, the aim was not disarmament, but achieving deep reductions in the Soviet nuclear arsenal and keeping a substantial and permanent American advantage. As I remember it, the paper was about those negotiations, their tactics and chances for success. Barack got an A.”

Meanwhile, Columbia has simply explained that no thesis exists because undergraduates didn’t write theses in 1983.

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  1. B. HUSSEIN O.


  2. phedre

    Everyone acts like it's such a mystery and conspiracy that 25 years later there isn't a copy of the paper. I've been out of college 5 years and I don't have copies of anything I've written. My professor told me that he throws out papers and exams after 1 year. Who keeps old college term papers 25 years later?

  3. hmmm

    maybe they ought to keep copies. I know you can find tons of CC/Lit hum papers in the frats!

  4. i'm not an obama

    i'm not an obama supporter but honestly who cares what he wrote as a college student so long ago?

    he obviously worked hard to be such a good student at columbia and hls and that says more about him

  5. 12431929292  

    Obamamania sucks.
    I think what the media would really like now is a scandal. "Michelle Was Promiscuous at Princeton" or some such. That would really hit the spot for the Republicans.
    It's admirable, however, that the Obamas are so clean. Not one piece of dirt has been able to hit them substantially.

  6. uhh....

    remember a guy called Jeremiah Wright?

  7. Obama's

    nuts now have their own secret service detail.

  8. Stephan Schwartz

    I would love to see Bwog do a profile on the latest goings-on at Campus Watch, since they tend to keep a close eye on Columbia University.


  9. turtleboy

    i like turtles.

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