Columbia Sends Fewer Athletes to Olympics Than Other Ivies; Sun Rises in the East

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As those who watch the Olympics closely know, it abounds with the more obscure sports that only the Ivy League has enough money to field teams in. Not surprisingly, then, the Ivy League has fielded its fair share of Olympians over the years, even as other conferences have taken over the role of being the NBA and NFL’s minor leagues. There are enough, in fact, that somebody out in the Internets decided they deserve their own blog. Even less surprisingly, the historical medal count indicates what many a Columbian could have already guessed: Columbia has contributed only 35 Olympians and 13 medalists, significantly below the next lowest, Brown (51 Olympians and 25 medalists).That’s waking the echoes of the Hudson Valley. Still, Bwog wishes best of luck to the Columbians competing in dressage, the 400 meters, and, of course, fencing. Hopefully some of their events will actually be on in prime time.

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  1. mat

    yay! go james! bring home the gold!

  2. Woohoo!

    Ahhh, one of the reasons I came to Columbia! the lack of athletics...and it still rings true. Huzzah.

  3. awww

    wow bwog was actually nice for once!!!

  4. real student  

    Hmm, is it that we don't have as many athletes or that ours just suck?

  5. ...  

    bwog- why are you so depressing? What if you occasionally reported on things that were exciting and great about Columbia? Without an air of noses-turned-up-to-actually-feeling-good sarcasm? just be happy. personally I"m peacing out of columbia- but everyone knows it's a good place.


  6. I WANNA

    Here's a tipster thing: Major Cultures is now the Global Core..unfortunately, the link with the new stuff doesnt work.


  7. Actually

    it's part of the Core. Its not really related to nickel and iron and stuff...

  8. almost

    I heard Delilah, yes the one from the song, almost made it.

  9. Columbia Sports Fan

    And with the naysayer disposed of, let me congratulate those Columbia athletes that have made it thus far. Good luck in Beijing! Roar, Lion, Roar!

  10. Also

    New York doesn't give a crap about college athletics. We have 9 major sports teams in the area, so why bother with JV college stuff?

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